How to Decorate by Reusing Things From Around the House

Here are some ideas for decorating by reusing things from around the house. You'll have a more sustainable home and save money at the same time.
How to Decorate by Reusing Things From Around the House

Last update: 13 January, 2021

Choosing new furniture for the dining room, changing the decorations, remodeling the entire house … all these activities can be very exciting, but here we’re going to talk about how to decorate by reusing things from around the house.

Have you ever noticed how much junk you have lying around on shelves and in closets? Maybe if you go to your garage or look on the top shelf of your closet, you’ll find old treasures waiting to be turned into beautiful deco objects. Could be fun, right?

Sustainable Homes – decorating by reusing household items

As much as we love to decorate and transform our homes through compulsive shopping, the need for sustainability has become part of our lives, inviting us to see our belongings through different eyes.

People talk a lot these days about the commandments of Marie Kondo, the queen of “non-accumulation”. It’s also a fact that society now expects us to learn to consume in a more conscious way. As a result, we should all try to make use of what we already have at home, and reuse everything that could have more than one function.

You’ll see how you can make use of things that you were going to throw away and, at the same time, save money. Don’t you want to give all those things you don’t use another life?

Shelves made from old boxes

The typical wooden boxes you find in the market are perfect for creating small, useful, and sturdy furniture. If you have some of them lying around in the garage or in your beach house, turn them into a shelf.

Even if the wood is thin and doesn’t support too much weight, it’ll still be perfect to use in the bedroom. You can store your everyday things or books that you like on these shelves. Also, they can be used to hold your accessories or office materials.

Another idea is to put a homemade shelf in the hall. As an example, you can put shoes on the lower shelves and what you carry in your pockets on top, or your purse, etc. Add some decorative elements and you’re done!

To make a stand like this, you just have to pile up one box on top of another; you can make it as high as you want. To give it more stability we recommend that you glue the boxes together with special wood glue.

Reusing things from home – the absolute best flowerpots

We’re sure you’re saving the glass containers you use in the kitchen and then recycling them: one for jam, one for vegetables, one more for olives, etc. In addition to this, one of the coolest things you can do with these glass containers is to turn them into a vertical garden.

Plant aromatics in each jar and hang them on the kitchen wall on rails, like these ones from IKEA, using hooks. In addition to always having your favorite herbs on hand, you’ll also see how beautiful they make your kitchen.

redecorate with can

Bring out the artist in you

If you have children, you’ll love this idea. Spend an afternoon exploring their artistic side; everybody knows how good crafts are for children.

You can wallpaper or hang up blank canvases, and use cupcake molds as a palette for painting. They’re great for pouring paint into, and kids can create new colors without any danger of spills.

Cans can be filled with magic

Another thing you probably have a lot of at home is canned food. Keep the tallest and deepest for making lanterns. You just have to create a design based on small holes that you can make with a drill. Once you’ve finished this step, paint the can whatever color you like and insert a candle or LED lights.

These make great decorations for Halloween nights, or to create atmosphere while you’re chilling out during cool summer evenings. Make as many as you like!

Have you noticed how many things you can do to decorate by reusing things from around the house? Look around and transform. In other words, make use of old junk and things that usually go in the garbage to redecorate.

On the one hand, you’ll be doing the environment a favor, and on the other hand, you’ll enjoy the benefits of crafts. Could be fun, right?