Great Ideas to Decorate Your Hall

Why not make your hall a fun place to walk through?
Great Ideas to Decorate Your Hall

Last update: 18 November, 2020

Make a radical change and decorate your hall because you deserve a better and more practical home. Don’t you agree?

It may be one of the most difficult tasks in your house when you want to decorate your hall. This is because they tend to be long, narrow, and dark and it’s easy to end up with what seems like a tunnel.

That’s why you’ll love these ideas that you’ll be able to use depending on the type of hallway that you have. You’ll see how it stops being a dead space and becomes one of those charming and practical areas in your home.

A hall with storage

A hall with a cabinet


If your house has little storage space and you have a hall, maybe it never occurred to you that you have a real treasure. Why not take advantage of this and maximize the space?

You can put a dresser along the length of the hall or have furniture made to order. We recommend that it’s white or a light color if you don’t have much light in the area. That way, you’ll avoid making it seem even more narrow.

Inside, you can install drawers or panels to store whatever doesn’t fit in your closet. This includes bed linen, bedspreads, or clothes from a different season.

Use the top of the dresser for ornaments. For example, they may be flower pots, pictures, or photos, and don’t forget to put a mirror up to give more light. Go ahead and check this out in Maisons du Monde.

Integrate the hall into your home

Gray wall with pictures on the wall


At times, halls seem like isolated areas, without any decor, and with no practical use. So you need to create a dynamic space by adding some decorative pieces to both sides and at different distances. For instance, on the right, you can place a small table and you can put a plant on the left side.

By doing this, you’ll be integrating it with the rest of the decor. And you can try your skills as a designer by creating a harmonious environment. Don’t you want to try it?

Decorate your hall with carpet

Hall with carpet runner


If your hall is long, there’s nothing better than a runner to bring some extra warmth and elegance to the floor. Take into account, depending on the length of the hall, where you should put one or two carpets, keeping a distance between them. This will visually shorten the space.

How about a library?

Books on shelves


If your hall is long but sufficiently wide, you can set up a library with open shelves on the walls and have all of your books organized and in one place.

Take advantage of all of the space from the floor to the ceiling to give a more harmonious and uniform ambiance. Pay attention to the light so that you don’t have an area that’s too dark and you can find your books. Put up a couple of nice wall lights like the ones you can find at IKEA.

Decorate the walls

White decorated walls


Paneling is a perfect way to give personality to any environment. Especially in a hall, it can be ideal.

You can install it with striking designs on both sides of the wall and experiment with painting the upper part a darker color. You’ll have a super elegant result and a visual contrast that’ll give a special touch to your hall. Finish it off with a carpet in the same color scheme and it’s ready!

Decorate your hall with a focal point

If your hall is long and you want to avoid the effect of infinity, there’s nothing more effective than creating a focal point. This means that you can place some furniture in it to break up the view.

It should be something small that doesn’t take up all of the space but has the charm to be noticeable. In fact, a piece of vintage furniture would be a great choice.

Your hallway can be a prettier and more useful place than you imagine. With these tips, you’ll be able to give a makeover to that part of your home that is difficult to decorate.

It depends on the shape, the space that you have, and the lighting. But it’s always possible to create a charming space in any part of your house. Are you convinced that you have ways to brighten up your hall?