How to Choose Cushions and Pillows Like A Pro

Big, small, square, round, and in a whole variety of different colors and textures, there are so many different kinds of cushions and pillows out there. But don't worry! With our top tips, you'll be able to choose the perfect cushions for your home.
How to Choose Cushions and Pillows Like A Pro

Last update: 12 July, 2020

Finding the perfect cushions can be an easy task… If you do your homework, that is. Nowadays, cushions and pillows are a must-have item in every home, whether you’ve gone for a classical, functional, or more informal style.

There are a number of aspects you’ll need to take into account, including the shape, fabric, design, color, and how you want to arrange your cushions in and around your home. Once you’ve got a clear idea of exactly what you’re trying to achieve, it’ll be much easier to create your perfect look.

Using cushions and pillows in your home

Sequined cushions.

Depending on how you choose to use them, cushions can help to break the monotony in a room, or bring a greater sense of cohesion to a color scheme. For example, in large, spacious rooms filled with smooth, monochrome fabrics, cushions can bring an extra splash of color and texture.

If, on the other hand, the room already features a number of different textures, you can use cushions with smoother fabrics to achieve perfect balance, and avoid overwhelming your space.

Cushions and pillows can also be used to unite fabrics of different colors or patterns within the same room. For example, while one cushion might match the fabric of your curtains, another might complement your couch.

As well as the colors and textures, you can also play around with the size and shape of your cushions. Whether you place them along your sofa or in a row at the head of your bed, they can become a fantastic focal point in your decor.

We should also mention that incorporating cushions and pillows into your home immediately helps to create that wonderful feeling of warmth and comfort that’s essential in any bedroom or living room. Remember, you can also use them as purely decorative items if you want.

Cushions and pillows – an infinite variety

Tropical fabrics.

Cushions can be divided into two basic categories: those that have been designed with a specific space or piece of furniture in mind, and those that you can buy individually. This second category includes cushions of all different shapes and sizes. Take a look!

Square cushions

These are the most common and probably the most useful cushions you can buy for your home. Often found on sofas and armchairs, they bring a touch of elegance and comfort to any home. Arranging groups of square cushions can allow you to create fantastic contrast, or add a splash of color to simpler pieces of furniture. They come in a wide range of different styles and finishes, and can have a variety of different fastenings.

Flat cushions

As well as square cushions, you can also find flat cushions. These are usually found on upholstered chairs, and serve as the base of many sofas and couches. You can even get them custom-made, and use them to create a charming window seat or reading corner.

Round cushions

Round cushions work well with cushions of all different shapes, and are especially useful when it comes to decorating beds and sofas. If you want to make your own, all you’ll need is a basic circular template. Round cushions are often more eye-catching than their square counterparts, and typically feature embroidery, lace and elaborate trimmings.

Bolster cushions

These cylindrical cushions are normally used to prop up other cushions and pillows. Long, narrow cylindrical cushions can be used as a substitute for traditional bed pillows, while shorter ones can be placed in front of doors to block out any cold drafts in the winter.

Seat pads

Wooden or wrought iron chairs usually have hard, uncomfortable seats. Thankfully, a simple seat pad is all you need to instantly make your chairs more comfortable. In addition to increasing comfort, these cushions add a sense of style and color. We recommend using Velcro or ribbons to fasten them to the seat and keep them firmly in place.

Cushions and pillows – decorations and fastenings

Arranging cushions and pillows.

When it comes to decorating with cushions, the possibilities really are endless, with an infinite array of decorations, colors, shapes and textures to choose from. Take a look around your local stores, and choose the ones you like best.

Borders and trimmings

To hide the seams along the edge of your cushions, we recommend adding decorative borders or trimmings. They’re usually made from twisted threads of silk, cotton, jute or wool, as well as other natural fibers.

Tassels and braids

Decorative tassels are often made from wool, silk or cotton. They can vary in length and thickness, and often feature decorative knots and beads. Using tassels is a great way to highlight the color or shape of your cushions.


Buttons, ribbons, bows, zippers and Velcro are some of the most common fastenings found on cushions. Zippers are usually the most practical and popular option.

Zippers are available in a range of different sizes from most haberdashery or fabric shops. We would recommend fitting and hiding them along the seam of your cushion to ensure a beautiful and professional-looking finish.

Cushions and pillows – choosing the right filling

Patterned fabrics.

Made from either synthetic or natural materials, cushion fillings or stuffing can often be bought separately. Some designs allow you to remove the stuffing, making it easier to change and wash your cushion covers whenever you like.

Natural cushion fillings include materials such as feathers or natural fibers. Natural fiber stuffing generally lasts longer, and is often easier to work with.

You can also buy synthetic stuffing. The biggest downside here is that they tend to lose their shape over time. However, they’re usually machine washable and hypoallergenic.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you find your ideal cushions in no time! 

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