How to Choose a Dining Room Rug

Choosing the best rug for your dining room can be quite a tricky task. We'll share some tips to help you, taking into consideration its size, color and shape.

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Choosing your dining room rug can be quite an effort because there are several considerations to take into account. Among other things, you’ll need to question the color, shape, size, and fabric. As such, there are a number of factors to contemplate.

It’s our goal to make your home decor choices easier and simpler and as a result, we wrote this article for you! Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about choosing the right dining room rug for your home.

How to choose the perfect dining room rug for your home

Essentially, the rug you choose will depend on how you’ve designed your dining room so far. The first thing you should do is study this area.

Consider the type of dining table and chairs you have, the style, and the material. If your dining room shares a space with your kitchen or living room, you must define the area well. The idea is to avoid crossing any invisible borders.

Keep in mind that your rug should complement the general style of the space and contribute in aesthetic terms.

Do you need a rug in your dining room?

Some dining rooms don’t need a rug as there may be no benefit to having one in this space. For example, in a dining room with limited space, the only thing that a rug will achieve is visually saturating the space. Although minimalist dining rooms will look perfect with a rug.

If your dining room is small and separate from your other rooms, the walls will do the job of dividing it from other spaces. As such, having a rug in this space would be unnecessary because it won’t be properly appreciated or serve a practical purpose.

The shape of the rug

You’ll find round, square, and rectangular dining room rugs on the market and even irregular shapes. However, this decision should be made based on the shape of your table. 

According to interior design experts, if you have a round table, your dining room rug should be the same shape. Equally, if your table is square, your rug should be square, and so on. Now that this is clear, let’s move on to the next part surrounding defining the size.

The ideal size

One of the biggest stumbling blocks when choosing a dining room rug is its size. Which size should you choose?  Start by measuring your dining room table. Consider that you’ll want to appreciate and be able to see your rug when you’re not seated around your table. So if you’re going to place a rug under your table, it should measure around ten to twenty centimeters larger than your table. However, this depends on the floor space that you have.

The best material

You’ve already defined the shape and size that you’ll need, so now it’s time to consider the material. You’ll already know that natural fibers are in trend, and we believe that this will continue to be fashionable for a long time to come.

Natural fibers are delicate, of good quality, and add a lot of warmth to spaces. Although they can be a little more expensive than synthetic fiber rugs. So if the natural ones are beyond your budget, choose one made from polypropylene since this material imitates natural fibers and it’s easy to clean.

Choosing the color of your dining room rug

Last but not least, what’s the best color rug for your dining room? If we’re talking about trends, nuetral colors are very fashionable, as well as blues and greens.

However, the ideal color also depends on the color palette that you already have in your dining room. From here, choose a warm color that combines well and compliments your palette.

Enjoy a beautiful dining room rug!

We’ve shared some simple tips, that, without a doubt, will lead you to choose the ideal rug for your dining room. Analyze your dining room and choose the one that goes with your decorative style, color palette, and expectations.

Keep in mind that in cold rooms, textures can help to conserve heat, and in warm rooms, breathable natural fibers are best. Either way, enjoy your purchase and delight in the comfort and luxury that a dining room rug will bring.

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