Round Dining Room Tables: Advantages and Disadvantages

Round dining room tables have some great advantages, but also a couple of disadvantages. You should know what these are before making your purchase. Keep reading to learn more!
Round Dining Room Tables: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: 16 August, 2021

When choosing the type of table that you’re going to put in your dining room, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of every option. In this case, we’re going to talk about round dining room tables.

This type of table is currently in trend, but before you buy one, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of having one in your dining room.

Advantages of having a round dining room table

We’ll start with the most positive aspects surrounding having a round dining room table and we’ll consider the advantages of this, as opposed to another type.

Favors small spaces

Favor small spaces.

A small room requires a good distribution of furniture and the necessary elements to make the most of the space you have.

If this is your case, a round dining table is what you need. This is because it provides a smooth shape and eliminates angles, giving a better appearance to the space in general.

Depending on how small your space is, you may be able to find a round table to suit. There are some extendable options too–great for those times when you have an extra guest or need more space for serving food.

A round dining room table promotes conversation

If round dining room tables do one thing well, it’s that they promote more interaction and dialogue among diners. Here, the center of the table becomes the meeting point–something that doesn’t happen with rectangular tables where the focus is on whoever heads the table.

In addition, when someone next to you speaks at a rectangular table, you’ll notice that when you pay attention, you end up turning your back on whoever is sat next to you. If this bothers you, it’s one more reason to opt for a round dining room table.

Makes it easier to include extra seating

Among the advantages is the ease of including more seats.

When you have more diners than chairs, having a round table makes it easier to include a few more chairs. In this instance, although the space may still be a little tight, there’s less feeling of being crowded than with a rectangular table.

Moreover, by not having corners, you can take advantage of space that’s usually wasted.

There’s more versatility in its design

There are round dining room tables with multiple designs. Some designs have legs and others just have a central base, the latter is the best option. The reason for this is that it’s more comfortable for those who are seated and it optimizes its use for when we need to add extra chairs.

This central base also contributes in decorative terms. There are charming and tasteful options to choose from.

Disadvantages of round dining tables

Let’s now talk about the disadvantages of round dining room tables. We’re not listing the disadvantages to make you doubt your choices, rather so that you know firsthand what to expect.

The good news is that these disadvantages aren’t so severe as to overshadow the advantages. With that in mind, let’s begin:

Be aware of the legs and base support

There is versatility in its design.

The traditional round dining room tables with four supporting legs may present a problem when you want to add more chairs.

Equally, if you’ve opted for one with a pedestal, make sure that it’s stable enough. You don’t want the table to start rocking and moving when you eat!

You can’t join and add other tables

The only solution to serve more diners is to add extra chairs as far as the diameter of the table allows. Unlike square or rectangular tables, you can’t join a round dining room table to another table and ensure that everyone is seated comfortably.

They don’t look good positioned too close to the walls

If there’s a particular disadvantage that round dining room tables have, it’s that they don’t look good when they’re positioned against a wall. The ideal position is to have your round dining room table detached and central to determine and balance the space.

This becomes a disadvantage if you have a small dining room, when it’s necessary to take advantage of each corner. In this case, square tables will provide a feeling of space.

Round dining room tables create endless possibilities

In the market, there are endless designs that’ll allow you to choose a round dining room table to match the decorative style that you’ve established in your home. There are even options for those with an industrial, vintage, Balinese, or minimalist style.

Also, there are round dining room tables in so many different colors, materials, and base shapes. Enjoy the time you spend choosing your round dining room and take home the one that suits you the best.