Home Tricks to Clean Your Jewelry

Discover five tricks to clean your jewelry. Our homemade tricks use items from your pantry and will leave your jewelry sparkling.
Home Tricks to Clean Your Jewelry

Last update: 04 April, 2023

Today we’re going to explain how you can clean your jewelry at home. If you want your jewelry to look shiny and sparkling, these tricks are for you. Our recommendations don’t use harsh chemicals, they’re cheap, and best of all, many of the items you’ll need can be found in your pantry.

Ready to get your jewelry looking like new? Keep reading to find out more!

Discover five tricks to clean your jewelry at home

From tomato sauce to liqueurs and toothpaste, these are the tricks and recommended items we’ll suggest for cleaning your jewelry. Although it may sound a bit strange to use tomato sauce and suchlike, we promise, you’re going to achieve an incredible result! Let’s get started.

With these homemade tricks you can clean your jewelry in a short time and with outstanding results.
With our tricks, you can clean your jewelry quickly, with minimum fuss, and enjoy outstanding results.

1. Glass cleaner

The first of our tricks to clean your jewelry starts with a basic product found in most homes: glass cleaner. Although you should only use this product on metal jewelry such as metal bracelets or chains.

If your jewelry is inlaid with hard gemstones such as rubies, this product is safe to use. However, we recommend that you don’t use this product on pearls.

To begin, simply spray a little glass cleaning liquid on the jewelry you want to polish. Then, take an old toothbrush and scrub the well.  Don’t forget to dry your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth. If your jewelry is very dirty, you can soak it in glass cleaner for a few hours before following the steps above.

2. Use sparkling water to clean your jewelry

If you’re lucky enough to own some beautiful gemstone jewelry, you can use sparkling water or soda to clean it. Simply submerge the pieces in sparkling water in a glass container and leave them overnight.

The next day, take them out of the container and dry each piece with a soft cloth until they’re shiny. Now your jewelry looks brand new!

3. Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce is delicious! Whilst it’s used to dress different dishes, it can also be used to clean your jewelry. Strange, but true! The acids in tomatoes work to remove dirt and rust, even if it’s settled between the stones.

To keep your bronze, silver, and gold jewelry sparkling, put a little tomato sauce or a tomato-based sauce, such as ketchup in a bowl of water. Then, add your jewelry, and let it soak for a maximum of ten minutes. It’s important that you don’t exceed this time. Indeed, if your jewelry isn’t too dirty, five minutes should be enough.

After this time, remove your jewelry and rinse with clean water. Use a soft cloth and warm water to finish.

4. Vodka

Using drinks like vodka and beer is one of the most effective home tricks when it comes to cleaning your jewelry.
Using liquor like vodka or even beer is an effective way to clean your jewelry.

Vodka might be a popular liquor, but in addition to drinking it, you can use it to clean your crystal jewelry. It effortlessly removes rust and it shines your jewelry at the same time. All you have to do is apply a little vodka to a clean cloth and rub each crystal.

Another option is to put the liquor in a glass container and put the jewels inside, stir it a little and that’s it! Reinforce your efforts on the dirtiest of jewels with a soft brush or microfiber cloth.

5. Beer

If you don’t have vodka at home, you may have a beer in the fridge! The last of our tricks to clean your jewelry includes using a little of this drink. Moreover, it’s especially recommended for cleaning gold jewelry, which will be shining like new in just ten minutes.

Soak a cloth in a little beer and start cleaning your jewelry. Remember, if we’re talking about garments with crystals, precious stones, and diamonds, don’t use stout! This will risk spoiling them.

How will you clean your jewelry?

We’ve shared five homemade methods to clean your jewelry with products that you likely have at home. Each trick applies to different types of jewelry. Choose the one you prefer and according to the type of jewelry you want to revive.