How to Remove Rust Stains from Your Surfaces

Rust stains can appear anywhere in your home and today we'd like to give you some simple tips to get rid of them.
How to Remove Rust Stains from Your Surfaces

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Do you ever wonder how to remove rust stains from metal, ceramics, wood and even clothes?

These stains mostly appear in bathrooms and kitchens. But why is that? Well, it’s mainly because these are the rooms where you use water every day. It becomes stagnant when it comes into contact with certain surfaces and it gradually rusts some materials.

Rust happens mainly on metallic surfaces and can eventually lead them to disintegrate entirely after having an unsightly reddish-orange appearance.

Don’t let rust take over your shower

A showerhead.

Showerheads often deteriorate with rust. This is because the water ruins the material the head is made from as time goes by. Also, there are other sorts of waste that go through the shower and contribute to the overall deterioration.

So, we must eliminate the main problem by removing the rust as efficiently as possible. Normally, showerheads are easy to remove. So, you can disassemble and remove them to clean them.

The way to do it is by pouring vinegar and Coca-Cola into a glass and then soaking the showerhead in the solution for 24 hours. Once this time is up, you can take it out and dry it with paper towels. You’ll see how the rust is gone and that the showerhead is almost as good as new.

On that note, vinegar is a great natural product to have around, it can help you in many ways.

A stained floor sample.

Rust stains on the floor

It’s possible for rust to also appear on the floor, especially if there’s a piece of furniture with metal legs on top of it. This happens frequently on porous flooring. Don’t freak out if this occurs as it’s very easy to remove. It only takes a few minutes:

  • Perhaps you may have mopped and mopped and weren’t able to remove that rust stain. It’s no wonder as this is no easy task. But this shouldn’t be a challenge if you use acid or mordant, effective products that can return your floor to its original appearance.
  • This product is quite inexpensive. You can find it in various forms. Also, you can find it in any drugstore.
  • The way to do it is to apply it directly to the surface you wish to clean and let it do its thing for a few minutes. You’ll see how soon the rust comes off and eventually disappears without the need to scrape or rub it. This substance is so strong you should be able to remove the rust effortlessly.
  • Once the time is up, wipe it off with a mop. The result will be perfect as your floors will regain their original appearance.

What to do if rust stains appear in the oven?

A person cleaning rust stains from an oven.

The oven is often the “victim” of rust. So, how can you remove rust from this surface without damaging the metal? You must be very careful, as it can lead to serious consequences in a badly deteriorated surface.

  • The best product to remove rust stains is a special gel that works without damaging the surface. You can find this in most large stores that sell cleaning supplies. Just make sure it’s in gel form.
  • Apply it to the entire surface with a brush. Do so gently so it reaches every corner. Then, let it work for a few minutes and remove it with paper towels or a rag.
  • Another product that also works very well is hydrochloride acid, which is, in fact, a mordant.

For the tools

A set of tools.

If your home tools are completely rusted then it’s time to apply a product you might usually drink: Coca-Cola.

You may have rusted screws, pliers, and wrenches. So, just put them in a container, cover it with Coke, and let it do its thing for 30 hours. The result will be incredible. Not only will the rust be gone but your tools will be as good as new.