Home Decor in the True Americana Style

In the United States, there's a marked patriotic aesthetic that influences the decor of many homes.
Home Decor in the True Americana Style

Last update: 16 October, 2020

You’ve probably come across decorations in the True Americana style, full of patriotism with pictures, flags, posters, and other details. It’s time to learn what this style is all about and how you can work with it.

The American people are proud of their land, to the point of using images of their country in their home decor. This style can be found in restaurants, hotels, public spaces, and many homes.

In Europe, it’s not that common to use patriotic images in decoration. However, the True Americana style is a way to show a sense of belonging.

Americana style tapestry.

The American flag

If you go to the United States of America, you’ll find the American flag in many places. It’s an icon in the streets and public places but, also, in private homes. In fact, it’s very common to see it in front yards.

Many fanatics decorate their entire house with this pattern. What’s also common is using different forms of American decorations in a bedroom or hall.

A particular case is using a quilt, printed with the American flag. People also use pennants, handkerchiefs, ribbons, etc. Everything that bears the colors of the flag.

Interior design in the True Americana style

When decorating interiors, many people copy the homes of people they see in the movies or American TV shows. In these, you can see sophisticated designs with specific aesthetics, that look cozy and inviting. Here are some ideas:

  1. Spacious and bright areas are a must. Wide rooms, where people can easily walk around furniture are important. It’s very common to see open-concept kitchens and dining rooms.
  2. Eclecticism. The combination of colors, shades, and resources is common to see in American decorative styles.
  3. The couch is the main focus of the living room, with a coffee table and armchairs around it. It doesn’t matter if there are differences between the tapestry and colors, as long as it doesn’t disturb the aesthetic.
  4. American designs thrive on elegance and sophistication above all things. There are two options: people that go for a classic look or those that go for an alternative style, such as the apartments in Friends.
  5. Wood is very important. It’s very good for furniture, however, it looks great combined with iron. Also, you can find ceilings with beams.
Americana style living room using red, white and blue.

The right colors for True Americana style

The nature that surrounds the beautiful landscapes of the United States of America is a common inspiration for decoration. The shades and colors you see in the woods, fields, rivers, and cities are replicated in many homes.

Americans appreciate the original color of wood. However, they also use white and gray, because these are important neutral shades for the rest of the home: walls, ceilings, windows, etc.

As previously stated, the mix of shades gives this style a life of its own. Try mixing warm colors with earthy and neutral shades. Using cold colors can be a good option, but always follow a color palette.

Other interesting ideas

If you want to add other resources to your home interior, use functional elements: a cushion with the American flag, a deer’s silhouette, images of a Western movie, a car, etc.

Use things that are representative of the country. Don’t overdo it, but put a piece here and there that catches the eye and makes it look American.


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