Headboard Styles to Fall in Love With

Ready for the bedroom of your dreams? Take a look at our headboard styles and ideas for implementing them in your bedroom!
Headboard Styles to Fall in Love With

Last update: 31 December, 2022

Thinking of revamping your bedroom but don’t know where to start? A good headboard is a focal point that’ll express your personality and take the aesthetics and comfort in your room to the next level. Today, we’ve suggested some headboard styles and designs for you to fall in love with.

The way we decorate our homes reveals a lot about our styles, tastes, and personalities. As such, it’s very important that we take advantage of the space that we have and use it to the best of our abilities. Fortunately, headboards can be adapted to all tastes without detracting from the elegance and modernity that characterizes them.

Important points when buying a headboard

You don’t have to be an interior decorating and design expert to renovate the look of your bedroom. Just make sure you’re clear about the style that you want to convey and look for references on which to base yourself when looking for a new headboard.

Here are some helpful ideas:

1. Headboard styles: invest in quality

Interior decor shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money and headboards are no different. Although, we usually spend a lot of time in the bedroom and as such, investing in a good mattress, bed, and headboard is paramount. After all, these items are associated with our well-being and health.

Also, nowadays, it’s easy to buy these items and it’s as simple as visiting a web page. Thanks to reliable alternatives, you don’t have to pay extra for brand names and you’ll find a wide variety of styles of headboards online.

2. Full-wall headboards

Full wall tufted headboards

On the market there’s a wide variety of headboard designs to suit each personality, but, without a doubt, full wall headboards are the trending favorites. These serve as focal points to emphasize the proportions of the room.

In addition, you’ll need to consider the material and its elaboration, in order to complement other fabrics in your bedroom. These are some of the most recommended:

  • Velvet: one of the most versatile fabrics when it comes to upholstering a headboard. With its characteristic texture, it’s pleasant to the touch and is perfect to complement a romantic, sophisticated and elegant environment.
  • Imitation leather: this artificial material is long-lasting and perfectly imitates natural skins such as leather. Easy to clean, it has a smooth texture and comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Chenille: a thick knit fabric, velvety in appearance, and very soft to the touch. Perfect for upholstering large quilted headboards without losing the volume or comfort of the chenille yarn.

3. Padded headboards in intense colors

If the full wall look isn’t your thing, a tufted headboard is a great alternative, as you can use color to your advantage. Each fabric and material has its own color range, so choose the shade wisely. You can choose a contrasting color with the wall to make it stand out or, on the contrary, complement it with a neutral tone.

It all depends on the style you want for your bedroom. If you want a feminine and glamorous design, pastel pink, lavender, and ivory headboards could be a great idea. For a classic, yet modern space, the colors black, chocolate, and beige are great options. Shades of khaki, burgundy, and deep greens are other great alternatives for a stylish room.

4. Headboards that frame

Although headboards can stand within the design of a room, they may not match the personality of many people. In those cases, choosing a basic hanging model is the best option for minimalist styles.

Choose a headboard with a height that varies between 120 and 140 cm or designs that can be hung on the wall, measuring approximately 80 cm. Also, if you don’t like solid colors, you can choose from various floral, striped, or abstract patterns.

Headboards, in addition to being a decor element, have the function of providing us with better rest and comfort. Moreover, its padded interior provides us with instant comfort that’s preferable to resting directly against a wall.

So, if you want to buy a new headboard to update your bedroom, just keep our tips in mind and enjoy being carried away by creativity and design.