Floral Decor for Casual Tables

Do you fancy decorating your table with a nice modern flower arrangement? If you don’t know what do choose, keep note and we’ll show you how!
Floral Decor for Casual Tables

Last update: 12 June, 2020

There are many different ways of making easy and stylish floral decor for casual tables. This will surprise your guests when you invite them for an informal lunch or dinner at yours.

And even better? You don’t need to be a florist or be a skilled professional to make them. For now, all you need to worry about is reading the rest of this article.

Floral decor, endless possibilities

Flower arrangements in jars and vases

flower vase

These containers are a couple of options to make attractive flower arrangements which will please all your guests.

Ideal for bouquets, the most common containers are glass, mainly see-through as they generally fit all environments and the water reflects light in the room.

It’s also worth considering jars and buckets with enameled or tin coatings, ceramic and terracotta bowls, as well as old crockery.

You just need to choose the best container according to the size of the flowers, their color, the number of flowers, and the environment where the floral decor will be placed. Let’s say you invite people around for a spring lunch in your garden or a casual meal in your dining room… What do you think?

Take a look at these four suggestions. We’re sure you’ll like them:

  1. Thin jars – place one single long-stemmed flower in a tall jar. How about a gerbera? You could also add a single branch.
  2. Normal-sized vases – make a classic bouquet of different sizes and shapes and use contrasting colors for the arrangements to make it even more eye-catching.
  3. Wide jars – support the flowers with a decorative element. Try using stones or pebbles from the river or beach.
  4. Square-shaped and glass vases – put a bunch of tall flowers in foam. To avoid the foam from being visible, cover it with colorful leaves.

Floral designs in baskets, pots, and dishes

floral composition plate

These can be as varied as bouquets and can also be of different shapes and colors according to your taste and the occasion.

They have a florist’s foam base. Not only can you use them as a centerpiece, but you can also use them to decorate a side table, a dresser…

Wild or sophisticated, simple or elaborate, when using flowers to decorate the table for a meal, keep in mind the table’s size and shape (long, square, round…).

You must also remember that the height must never block visual contact between dinner guests. Don’t use perfumed flowers or foliage, as their aroma may overpower the delicious food smells.

Think about what type of flowers will be best for each season. For spring centerpieces, we recommend you mix and match cherry blossom, crab-tree flowers, and gerbera. The results will be light and fresh.

You can achieve this same freshness with a summery centerpiece. Mixe white flowers, like tuberoses, lilies, and peonies, with ivy and eucalyptus branches.

If you want to design an autumnal arrangement, you can make a centerpiece out of red flowers and camellia highlighted with yellow lilies, along with green laurel and purple grape leaves.

Then comes winter. What type of floral decor is possible in this season? This is very easy. Use berries and amaryllis merged with holly branches. You’ll see how beautiful the result is for your winter tables.

Floral compositions – tips to preserve the arrangements

floral composition tips

Here are a few recommendations to make your floral decor for casual tables last longer:

  • Before making the arrangement, check your container is clean. When changing the water, we recommend cleaning the vase before adding the flowers.
  • Add a commercial flower preservative. Using this will practically double the flowers’ lifespan. Keep in mind that if you use it, you won’t need to change the water as often. You can also add one or two drops of lye or lemon juice.
  • Don’t expose your arrangements to drafts and don’t leave them in full sun. Remember, it’s best to put them in a cool place at night.
  • Try not to touch the flowers once you’ve made the arrangement. This will accelerate its deterioration and lessen its beauty.
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