Floors for White Kitchens

Bored of your white kitchen? Here are some flooring options. Choose the one that suits your style and bring some color back into your home.
Floors for White Kitchens

Last update: 30 July, 2022

White kitchens are beautiful, stylish, and contemporary. However, they can look a little boring and lack color. Floors for white kitchens are an important consideration and can add personality, color, and life.

White floors in a white kitchen are a very valid and classic option. Although totally white kitchens are a timeless trend, they can look lifeless and lackluster. If you dislike the floor in the same color as your kitchen, keep reading! Discover how to add light, life, and spaciousness to your kitchen floor.

Ideas: floors for white kitchens

Below, we’re going to tell you which floors combine well with white kitchens. We’ll share some ideas for kitchen floors with different but subtle touches and with warmer colors. Read on to discover the option that fits what you’re looking for.

A great option for white kitchens are floors with subtle contrasts.
A great option for a white kitchen is a floor with subtle contrasts.

Kitchen floors with subtle contrasts

If you’re looking for a subtle and low risk option, we have something that you’ll love! The base color is white but it has a series of mosaic patterns. In addition to giving your white kitchen a striking touch, you’ll be able to visually divide the space.

An alternative to this is slightly riskier, using white and mosaic tiles. But this time, you can alternate the pattern, creating a checkerboard effect. In either case, try to ensure that the tones of the tiles are consistent with the tones of the walls and the countertop. Doing this ensures visual harmony.

If you use hydraulic tiles, remember that they can be porous, so you’ll need to use a sealant after laying them. This ensures that they won’t absorb water or grease, which is important because both liquids are very common in the kitchen.

A cream floor for a white kitchen

If a mosaic floor isn’t to your taste or not in accordance with your style, a cream-colored tiled floor will be ideal. However, for higher overall contrast, it’s best to also use this shade on the walls.

The tiles can be solid cream or with subtle combinations of cream. Equally, you can use cream and white tiles to create a checkerboard effect, thus breaking the monotony of your kitchen.

Floors for white kitchens: wood

Total white will make your kitchen feel very cold. If this is something you want to avoid, consider having a wooden floor. Wood is a natural material that can be used in the kitchen and will make it a much warmer and more personal place.

There are different ways to use this material, including laminate that imitates wood, vinyl and porcelain, among other materials. This flooring is ideal if you’re going to add other touches of wood to your countertop or furniture.

Wooden floors go very well in white kitchens.
Wooden floors go very well in white kitchens.

How about a black or gray floor?

A black floor is ideal to break the monotony of white kitchens. It’s a dark tone, but it adds a lot of elegance to any kitchen, making it very contemporary.

If you add a countertop and a sill in this same color you’ll get an incredible result. Something similar happens with the color gray, which also promotes modernity and goes well with black, glass, or stainless steel appliances.

Taupe is in fashion

Finally, we want to tell you about the color taupe. This tone is located between brown and gray, and it’s also known as brownish gray or warm gray, either of which goes perfectly in white kitchens.

It generates a neutral, but warm environment. Being a neutral tone, it combines well with any tone, giving you the freedom to choose other tones for the walls and the countertop.

Which of these floors for white kitchens will you choose?

We’ve shared five different options for floors for white kitchens that allow you to have a more disruptive and lively space compared to white. Choose the combination that you like the best and the one that fits your decorative needs and expectations.