How to Effortlessly Change Your Kitchen Tiles

We're going to share some ideas on how to change your kitchen tiles without doing any work. Follow our advice to save time and money, and enjoy a great result.
How to Effortlessly Change Your Kitchen Tiles

Last update: 02 July, 2022

If the tiles in your kitchen are no longer to your taste or are old or outdated, discover our ideas to change your kitchen tiles without any effort.  Remember, your kitchen is a space where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. So it’s even better if this room is also striking and beautiful.

Changing your kitchen tiles without any work means no upheaval, building debris, or damaged walls. Also, tiles can be expensive if you’re replacing your current ones with new ones. This way, you can renew them without having to invest too much money. 

Change your kitchen tiles without any effort

To change the tiles without work you can place new ones on top.
To easily change your tiles, simply place new ones on top.

Giving your kitchen tiles a new design, without the need to do any work, is possible. We’ll share our ideas to help you and better still, you can even do it yourself. Keep reading and get started on creating your dream kitchen with minimal investment and no effort.

Lay new tiles on top of old

Our first idea to change your kitchen tiles without any effort is to buy new tiles and place them on top of your old ones. The wall may be a little thicker, but if you do a good job, no one will notice. If you have doubts or concerns, follow this step-by-step guide to get the job done:

The materials you’ll need

Before starting, ensure that you have all of these materials:

  • The correct number of tiles
  • Tile glue
  • Joint mortar
  • Tile spacers or shims
  • Sponges
  • Tile cutting machine
  • One meter ruler
  • A tray and a container to mix the mortar
  • A notched trowel and a grouting trowel
  • Palette

Step-by-step guide

  • Clean your existing tiles: thoroughly clean your existing tiles before coating them with glue. Otherwise, if they’re dusty, dirty, or covered in grease, the glue won’t do its job and the new tile won’t stick to it. Use a sponge with soap, degreaser, and lots of water.
  • Apply the glue and lay the tiles: choose a tile glue. This product spreads easily with a trowel and doesn’t dry quickly, so you can spread it over a wide area before you add the tiles. The tile spacers or shims will go between the tiles so that the joints are equal.
  • Add the tiles: depending on the design, it may be necessary to follow a pattern when gluing each tile down. When you’ve finished this stage and the glue is completely dry, you must remove the spacers. Following this, prepare the grout using a joint mortar and place it in the gaps between each tile.
  • Clean the entire area: at the end of this process, clean the tiles with a wet sponge. By doing this, you’ll remove any excess glue or grout and prevent any colored tiles from becoming dull.

Painting your kitchen tiles

It is possible to use paint to change the appearance of the tiles, for this you do not need to do a work.
It’s possible to paint over your existing tiles to transform your space. 

If you think that gluing new tiles requires too much effort and expense, try painting your existing tiles. You’ll find countless paint products on the market, with colors and even textures that you can choose from.

Make them shine

Enamel is a great option if you want to effortlessly paint your old tiles. This type of paint is recommended for areas of high humidity–perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. To apply it, just clean your tiles thoroughly before applying the enamel.

The tone you choose is up to you. With so much choice and various color options, you’ll have fun identifying the color to suit your tastes and the style of your new kitchen.

Stickers and decals

The last of our ideas to help you change your kitchen tiles without any effort is using decals. This vinyl material is adhesive and it’ll stick to your current tiles, giving them a new look. The main advantage of doing this is that there are so many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. You’ll easily find a tile style that you love.  

Just make sure you choose the most resistant decals possible. Equally, buy the best quality that you can afford, in terms of thickness. By doing this, you’ll ensure durability and that they’ll withstand the test of time.

What ideas will you choose?

We’ve shared our ideas to help you change your kitchen tiles in a very simple, efficient, and effortless way. Choose the idea that you like the most and the one that suits your budget. Either way, it’s important that you’re happy with the final result and that it suits your style and tastes.