Everything Poufs Can Do as Decorative Resources

Have you thought about buying poufs for your home? They’re great decorative resources to dynamize spaces.
Everything Poufs Can Do as Decorative Resources

Last update: 11 November, 2020

Poufs are discreet, functional, and don’t take up a lot of space. They’re pieces of furniture that are capable of transforming environments and making your decoration casual and fun. In this article, we tell you what poufs can do for you.

Poufs are great when it comes to helping decorate any environment. They look good in living rooms and bedrooms and are even a perfect outdoor accessory, whether in the garden or on the terrace.

You can find them in different sizes, materials, and designs. They’re so versatile that you can make them the main piece of furniture in a TV room or an auxiliary piece for when you have guests over. Below, discover everything poufs can do in your home!

The origin of poufs

A green pouf in a living room.

It’s said that they originated from Turkey and the Maghreb and date back to the 18th century. These low, backless seats were fundamental for this culture. They allowed people to eat on the floor comfortably because they were both soft and adapted to anybody.

In the 19th century, poufs started to be used in European homes as another decorative element. At first, they were stools covered in cloth to hide the legs. However, they were modified over time.

They’re also known as ottomans. Pouf, which is a word of Arabic origin, means an upholstered seat without a back or arms.

What poufs can do for your decoration

An outdoor pouf.
Image: ikea.com/es


Although it’ll depend on the model and material, generally, poufs are light and easy to transport pieces of furniture. This makes them desirable, as you can move them as you please, depending on your needs. In fact, they’re the perfect seats for guests.


They’re so versatile that they fit into any area of your home. Not only do they adapt to your spaces but you can also use them for very different functions.

You can use them to make a relaxing corner in your bedroom to sit down to write, read, or meditate. If you place one in your bathroom, you can leave your clothes on it or sit down on it while you apply your body creams.

Poufs are multipurpose

A Moroccan pouf.
Image: amazon.es

Depending on whether you choose a more or less rigid one, you can use it as a seat or as a side table. You can put one in your living room and leave a tray of drinks on it when your guests arrive or turn it into a footrest for weekend movie marathons.

Ikea’s OTTERÖN is a perfect choice for this. You can find it in various colors. The finish is ideal for creating warmth.

Essential if you have children

Children love poufs. You can place a pouf in your children’s bedroom, as it’ll be the perfect spot to read their favorite story, a place for their soft toys, or a comfortable seat.

Poufs are perfect for outdoors

Poufs with tropical prints.
Image: amazon.es

Place one on your balcony, terrace, or garden to create a super chill out bohemian spot. Just make sure you choose weatherproof fabrics.

For example, those made of rattan and natural fibers are suitable for these environments. Nevertheless, we’re sure that this one with LED lights will captivate you. You can find it at Maisons du Monde.

What poufs can do – storage space

In addition to poufs with side compartments for your remote or favorite books, you can find poufs with rigid bases and hollow interiors. You can lift the seat to find a space to put your blankets or books.

Poufs are the perfect way to ensure a versatile, practical, and cheerful decoration.

You’ll find amazing alternatives in most stores, regardless of your home’s decorative style.