Easy Set-Up Prefabricated Tiny Homes

Learn about these marvelous prefabricated homes in our post today and change up your lifestyle. Choose the model that best suits your needs and enjoy your tiny home!
Easy Set-Up Prefabricated Tiny Homes

Last update: 28 January, 2021

These days, prefabricated homes are a worldwide trend as they’re economical, practical and a great way to switch up lifestyles. Thanks to their benefits, many people have changed over to a simpler way of life, spending less, saving energy, living in smaller spaces and only consuming what they need.

Additionally, prefabricated homes can come already set up and ready to locate. Or, you can choose a model that can be assembled easily in no time.

In our post today, we want to go over the features that prefabricated homes offer and what you should consider before choosing one.

Prefabricated homes: a different alternative

Prefabricated homes are small to medium-sized structures. You can use them to create a new space in your home or as an office, work-space, guestroom and even as a vacation home.

First off, you need to choose where you want to place your prefabricated home. The ground should be flat, free of obstacles and contamination.

Furthermore, you should make sure the area suits the prefabricated home model you want. The homes that we’ll show you today are all small and easy to assemble. But make sure that they meet all of your needs.

prefabricated homes alternative

Container homes

These prefabricated homes are very popular and make for an interesting option as they’re essentially recycled containers. Designers refurnish and prepare them to create incredible tiny homes. Additionally, many designs are easy to transport.

You can take this home on the road whenever you want a relaxing vacation. Or, you can also opt for a fixed home by locating it on the ground and keeping it there.

Interior space

Recycled container prefabricated homes feature designs that maximize their interior space. Thus they tend to have a studio design where the living room, kitchen, and bedroom all share the same space. In addition, they include a complete bathroom so you’ll have all of your basic needs covered.

Some homes are more complex and feature sub-division. They offer a bedroom that’s separate from the main space.

Exterior space

Many container prefabricated homes also offer a cozy deck in the front where you can enjoy fresh air when the weather’s nice. These types of homes are perfect for additional yards and receiving guests.

prefabricated home

Wooden homes

In addition to container homes, prefabricated wooden homes are also a great option. You can find them in modern, classical or rustic styles. Thanks to their easy set-up and placement, they’re a popular option for adding on to homes or even living in.

Solid-wood prefabricated homes that come in easy-to-assemble pieces are the most popular models as they have a cube-design, modern style, and high ceilings.

Eco-friendly materials, lighting, and energy

These types of homes mainly revolve around promoting and encouraging sustainable architecture. Thus, they use eco-friendly materials for their construction. Wooden prefabricated homes often feature floors and walls covered in plywood. The plywood offers warmth and consideration for the environment as well.

On another note, these cube homes also have a big window that covers their entire front wall. The window allows plenty of natural light to flow in. Additionally, many of these homes have solar panels on their roofs as well. The panels allow their users to use solar energy whenever they want.

prefabricated homes

Space optimization

These prefabricated homes might only be one room, but their tall ceilings can help you take advantage of every nook and cranny. Some homes even feature a small  mezzanine floor to use as a bedroom or a different space.

Or you can also simply set up a couple of trundle beds in the corner of your home to house at least 4 people.

As you’ve read with use today, prefabricated homes are a great option if you want to live comfortably, peacefully and in a small space. They’re a much more economical solution than starting a construction project. They’re also easy to set up and some models are even ideal for easy transportation.

Choose your favorite model and welcome your guests, enjoy your vacation or step out to your home office.

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