Tips on How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

There are three big things to remember for one-bedroom decoration: functionality, style, and comfort.
Tips on How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Last update: 28 January, 2019

If you’ve just moved into a studio apartment, it’s important to know how to decorate it. It’s probably either your first place without roommates or without your family. It might also seem like a huge challenge, but all it really is is a blank space that you can give your own style and personality.

In fact, personality is actually fundamental here. A studio apartment has to reflect its occupant’s tasteThis doesn’t mean it has to be bold or striking, but your personality needs to be present in some way.

How to decorate a studio apartment

Since all studio apartments have the same basic design, you need to factor in how much space you have before you can decorate it. But in general, they’re very small, or “just right,” depending on how you look at it.

minimalist studio apartment

Practicality is one of the other major aspects of a studio apartment. It’s kind of like a transition space between living with roommates or family to living completely on your own.

Now when it comes to decoration, those things translate to functionality, style, and above all, comfort. Keep reading for our tips on how to achieve this perfect triangle in your space (even if it has more rooms).

Things to consider

  • It’s best to use basic colors: black, white, gray. Another option is to use neutral, earth tones like dark brown and beige.
  • If your studio is especially small, it’s best to keep it as one space instead of separating it into areas. 
  • This next one is completely optional, but it does help create a relaxed, mature environment. The idea is to buy some small succulents and a plate with three different-sized candles.
  • Mixing up your materials will enrich and diversify your space. Basically, not everything has to be wood–metal and other things are great too.
  • You want to have a few, but functional pieces of furniture. This makes multi-use objects perfect, things like storage beds, futons, etc.
  • A small number of accessories with personality. You can’t have much stuff, but what you do have should be striking and interesting.
  • Lighting is key! You need to make sure your space (especially if it’s very small) seems bigger and more comfortable. You can do that with lighting.
Working area blended into apartment

An integrated home office?

A lot of people nowadays are integrating their home offices or work areas into their apartments. This gives the space an interesting, mature, and chic touchSo, throw aside any doubts if you had them and start decorating your desk!

Show off your passions

Like with home offices, it’s also popular to show off your passions and hobbies right now. If you have any kind of shelf, use it to display your favorite things:  books, comics, video games, sculptures, action figures, records, CDs, etc…

Reading corners are also a great way to decorate a studio apartment. They give off a mature, bohemian vibe and can be more than just a table and chair. You could put in a puff chair or comfy armchair by the window, a standing lamp or wall lamp, and some books on top of a small wooden pallet box.

If you have enough space, you could even put in a small game area for when people come to visit. Or, you could put in other fun things like a minibar.

Decorating your first apartment doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You just have to remember what’s important and have a simple, practical strategy for your furniture and accessory choices.