Do People Still Use Record Players?

Are record players outdated? The answer to this question depends from person to person. Why not restore your old record player and use it in your home to provide it that vintage touch that awakens nostalgia?
Do People Still Use Record Players?

Last update: 12 February, 2020

Historically, there have been different types of music players. Today, the Internet and new technologies offer us a lot of comforts. However, they aren’t decorative elements. But record players are very different, as they can provide your home with an original touch.

Currently, many music lovers still decide to buy vinyl records to listen to music. However, the sound quality isn’t the same. Therefore, we’re talking about a device that has had and continues to have a presence in homes, although to a lesser extent.

Talking of a record player is talking about a vintage product that reminds people of the past, when it was really popular among young people because it allowed them to listen to the records of their favorite bands.

History of the record player

A person playing a record on a record player.

The precedent of the record player was the phonograph, a music player invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. It was well-received by society, reaching the homes of upper-class families.

The reproduction system consisted of a needle that was capable of producing vibrations in the form of music, which was diffused through the horn. It could be installed in open spaces and be heard by several people at once.

The evolutionary process allowed it to progress to a record player, which was connected to electricity and, in turn, to speakers that amplified the sound.

A vintage contribution to your home

An old record player.

Within the appliances that exist nowadays, record players are one of the less common as they’re not that functional. Although people consider record players entertainment elements, they actually have a lot to contribute at an aesthetic level:

  • People consider them vintage items that remind them of the past. Therefore, we’re talking about a nostalgic principle that’s the foundation of the device’s aesthetics.
  • Its design is quite different from that of other appliances. In this regard, it’s also really different from other music players.
  • It’s a testimony of times past. It contributes to an aesthetic that speaks directly to your personality, linking you to an alternative and pop atmosphere.

What were the oldest record players like?

A suitcase record player.

One of the most common were record players that were incorporated into a kind of radio, with loudspeakers that amplified the sound, but with a very low quality.

Also, the best-sellers were those who came in some kind of box. They were quadrangular and people could take them wherever they wanted. It was an element that could go along with people’s luggage and even inside the trunks of their cars.

Today, people still appreciate the essence of this appliance that allowed families to enjoy good times together. Thus, they decide to incorporate it into their homes with an entirely different function.

However, there are new record players that reproduce good quality music.

Leading market brands

A modern record player.

Although record players aren’t very common, you can still find them on the market at great prices. Of course, it won’t have a vintage touch, but it will reproduce music in very good quality.

You can have one at home so you can continue playing the discs you inherited from your ancestors. Some relevant examples are:

  • Old record players. Many antique shops still sell them. Most of the time, they’re second-hand. However, you can find some appliances that look like record players inside suitcases, as they were before.
  • LENCO LS-50WD. It has a fairly simple and subtle design with a wooden stand and some modernities, such as a USB port to link it to your computer. It costs approximately $60.
  • Pioneer PLX 500. This is one of the most powerful on the market. Its design is much more contemporary and dark. Of course, it’s of great quality and the price is somewhat higher than the previous one.
  • Sony PS-HX 500. For those who are more minimalistic and don’t want an overly flashy design. It’s quite simple in shape and size. It’s pretty flat and doesn’t have decorative elements that distinguish it.