Discover Five Easy DIY Hacks

We'll share five easy DIY hacks that you can do yourself. Renew your old chairs or create a vertical garden in just a few steps.
Discover Five Easy DIY Hacks

Last update: 20 October, 2022

With these DIY hacks, you’ll be able to make small repairs at home, in your own time, and with your own hands. You’ll see that they’re very easy to carry out and don’t require much skill. In fact, anyone can follow our tips and become their own home hero or heroine.

The best thing about our hacks is that the tools you’ll need are very basic. If you don’t already own them, we recommend you buy them because they can help you and support all your DIY needs. Keep reading to get started.

Execute these DIY hacks today!

In addition to reading this article and discovering the DIY hacks that we’ll share, we’ll encourage you to execute them yourself at home. You’ll notice that they’re simple and easy and you could do it on a weekend. Why not try a unique project?

1. Update your old wooden chairs

Chalk paint type of paint.
The first of our DIY hacks involves renewing your old chairs.

The first of our DIY hacks is one of the best! You can transform the look of your old wooden chairs in just a few steps. It’s ideal for giving a new lease of life to chairs that you use as a coat rack or ones you have stored in the attic, covered in dust.

Take note of the step-by-step instructions below. Follow them to execute this DIY hack.

  • Clean your chairs thoroughly, removing any excess dust and cobwebs.
  • Polish each chair with sandpaper, making sure you go over the entire surface.
  • Ensure the surface is smooth and remove any traces of old paint.
  • With a cloth or a vacuum cleaner, remove the dust before you proceed to paint.
  • Use spray or liquid paint in a color of your choice.
  • Let them dry and enjoy them! They’ll look as if they just came out of the warehouse.

2. DIY hacks: make beautiful vases with recycled material

Do you have glass jars at home? If so, use them to create beautiful vases. You can use them to decorate your hallway, dining room table, and even your garden.

You can use these for so many different things, it just depends on your imagination. Take note of the step-by-step instructions below. Follow them to execute this DIY hack.

  • Wash your jars well to remove any food that remains. Let them dry thoroughly.
  • Decide what you want to use your vases for. They can be filled with flowers or depending on their size, used for storage. You can then add shapes or patterns to the jars or highlight any embossed areas with color.
  • Gather the paints you’re going to use: acrylics, waxes, or oils. Even if you have some nail polishes that you don’t like anymore, you can take advantage of them to make your creations.
  • Let your vases dry and display them where you want to show them off.

3. Create a vertical garden with an old ladder

If you’re a plant lover and you don’t have enough space to grow all the ones you want, this is the DIY hack for you! It consists of giving a different function to those old ladders that you abandoned in the basement.

Now, if you don’t have old ladders, go to a second-hand store and buy some at a very affordable price. Ideally, your ladders are made of wood, but this hack also works for metal ladders too. Take note of the step-by-step instructions below. Follow them to execute this DIY hack.

  • Clean your ladders thoroughly.
  • You can sand them down and use them in their natural color or apply a new color, depending on your preferences.
  • Create larger steps with some wooden boards. These will serve as a base for the pots.
  • For added security, we recommend that you anchor each board with a few nails at each of the corners.
  • You already have a large space in which to place your plants vertically. This will allow you to grow more plants than you could grow in a horizontal space.

4. DIY hacks: design a chalkboard

Whiteboard for office.
Among the easiest DIY hacks to do, why not make a chalkboard?

Do you forget things, and need to organize your day with a to-do list? If so, among all the DIY hacks we’ve given you, you’ll love this one. It involves creating your own chalkboard at home to use it as you wish and make planning your days easier.

To make it you’ll need to do the following:

  • Buy a pot of chalkboard paint. You’ll find many different options on the market, but buy the best quality you can afford, so you’ll avoid making touch-ups.
  • Locate the wall space at home where you want to place your chalkboard. Ideally, you’ll need to choose a smooth wall.
  • Clean the section of the wall that you’re going to use, and outline it with masking tape or paper.
  • Add three coats of paint. Ideally, you should use a roller for a smoother finish.
  • You must paint layer by layer. Let each coat dry for around three to four hours before applying the next.
  • Before using it, allow a full day to pass.
  • Why not add an extra touch of personalization with a balsa wood frame that you can make yourself?

5. Decorate with photos full of special moments

Decorating with special photographs is always a good idea. In the last of our DIY hacks, we’ll present you with a very simple, but beautiful way to achieve it. Why not use this idea to decorate your home for a birthday or a special date?

This is what you’ll need:

  • Your favorite photographs. Choose prints sized at 8 x 4 CM. 
  • Thin rope and decorative wooden hooks.
  • Decorative tape, depending on the material of your walls.
  • Hang the ropes in two lines, letting them fall naturally.
  • Use decorative wooden hooks to hang your photos.

Which of our DIY hacks will you try?

As you’ve seen, these DIY hacks are easy to do and very useful. We hope that now you know how easy it is to create things from what you already have, you’ll be inspired to try other things too.