Different Uses for The Ikea BEKVÄM Stool

The Ikea BEKVÄM stool offers so many possibilities and they're all worth exploring. Get inspired and let your imagination run free.
Different Uses for The Ikea BEKVÄM Stool

Last update: 25 October, 2022

Do you like furniture with multiple uses? We do too! It’s amazing to see the number of uses that just one piece of furniture can have. One of our favorites is the BEKVÄM stool from Ikea because it can be transformed into an extra seat, a step, or even a nightstand.

If you take a tour of Pinterest, you’ll find so much inspiration for just one item of furniture! Below, you’ll also find some interesting proposals and suggestions for using the BEKVÄM stool in your home. Ready to reinvent a simple stool?

The story behind the Ikea BEKVÄM stool

This piece of furniture was originally created as a step ladder. Designed as an accessory to be able to access higher areas of any home, without realizing it, Ikea actually invented a multipurpose piece. The BEKVÄM stool has managed to captivate half of the world.

It’s made of beech wood and measures 50 centimeters and is available in natural colors, white or black.

The most interesting thing is that you can paint it in any color so it matches your home color palette. Of course, if you plan to use this as a step, we recommend using quality paint that’s non-slip.

Ideas for the Ikea BEKVÄM stool

Its practical handle, its simple design, and versatile height make this accessory a must-have in most homes. See what you can do with it.

In the hallway

BEKVÄM stool from Ikea
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a small hallway, the Ikea BEKVÄM stool is just the piece of furniture you need to receive and welcome everyone who enters your home.

You can put a plant on the top or a tray to hold keys and pocket items. As you can see, it’s a good idea to paint it with the colors that best go with the rest of your decor.

A learning tower

Ikeas hacks
Image: pinterest.es

This is one of the most popular uses that exist. With this simple stool, you can make a Montessori-type learning tower so that your little ones are at your level. They’ll be more motivated to help you with chores around the house too!

In this tutorial, they teach you how to paint your BEKVÄM stool. Moreover, you’ll see that it’s super easy.

The BEKVÄM stool from Ikea: convert it into a kitchenette

BEKVÄM stool from Ikea
Image: pinterest.es

See how they’ve transformed a simple stool into a children’s toy? With a little paint and a few extras, you’ll have the perfect play kitchen for hours of fun.

But don’t limit yourself! You can also turn it into the controls of a spaceship, a medical laboratory or a veterinary clinic. Imagination has no limits.

A plant and flower display

Small orchard
Image: pinterest.es

Side tables have a special charm and they achieve it thanks to the practicalities they offer. If, in addition, you add several plants and create a corner dedicated to nature, you’ll have spaces as beautiful as this one.

Paint it with a finish that allows you to clean it easily and you can combine several colors. There are many people who successfully use chalk paint to create true works of art.

The BEKVÄM stool: your companion at night

Ikea hack: light table
Image: pinterest.es

One of the most common uses for the Ikea BEKVÄM stool is as a bedside table. Thanks to its height and its simple design, it’s ideal for completing your look in the bedroom.

As always, the design you make with paint or vinyls will be what makes the difference, giving original focus to this very democratic piece.

An extra seat: the BEKVÄM stool from Ikea

Ikeas hacks
Image: pinterest.es

Do you have a shortage of seating for your guests? It’s a common problem, but thanks to this stool you’ll have extra seats.

Decorate it with fun colors, in striking patterns and shapes and use it according to the needs you have. We can assure you that it’s comfortable enough to sit on it for a long period of time.

The Ikea BEKVÄM stool is one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture you can have and these ideas are just some of the coolest around.

Take a look online and you can collect all kinds of inspiration so that this stool becomes the king of your home.

Main image: pinterest.es

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