Design Your Home Study Zone With These Top Tips

Need to create a home study zone but not sure how to go about it? In this article, we'll give you some simple tips and tricks to help you get started.
Design Your Home Study Zone With These Top Tips

Last update: 07 December, 2019

If you often work or study from home, having a study zone away from the general hustle and bustle of family life is essential. This will help you concentrate on your work, and organize your day properly. So today, we want to give you our top tips for designing the ideal home study zone.

First, there are a few key things you’ll need to take into account:

  • Finding the ideal space in your home.
  • Choosing the correct layout.
  • Making the most of your storage.
  • Choosing the right furniture.
  • Decorating.

Designing the ideal home study zone

Think about the most important things you need in your study to do your work properly, and choose the furniture, lighting and decorations that best suit your needs.

Finding the ideal space for your study

Study desk.

Don’t just set up your study in the first available space you find – it’s important to weigh up all your options carefully. First, do you have a spare room? If the answer is yes, this could be the ideal home study.

If not, you should try to choose an area with plenty of space for your study zone. How much space you have will ultimately determine how much freedom you have when designing your study.

Creating your own home study zone – converting your spare room

Modern home study zone.

If you have a spare room in the house that’s just sitting gathering dust, this is the perfect opportunity to really make the most of it. Firstly, clear the room of any junk and then grab your measuring tape.

Consider all the available space carefully, and take the time to think about all the different items you want to include in your future study. Always look to find new ways to make the very most of your space. This will allow you to incorporate more elements, and help you be more organized in your work.

Creating a study corner

Study corner.

However, if you don’t happen to have a spare room, you can simply create a small study zone somewhere else in your house. Choose the space you like best, clear some room, and start creating your ideal home study zone.

One great option is to use partition screens to separate your study zone from the rest of the room. This will allow you some privacy while you work, without completely cutting you off from the rest of the house. You can also use your screens to add some decoration to your study, choosing patterns and designs that work well with the style of your room.

Choosing the right furniture for your home study zone

Home study zone.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal spot for your home study zone, it’s time to choose the right furniture. This will largely depend on what exactly you want to use your study for.

Choose a comfortable work table or desk, ideally with plenty of drawers where you can store all your stationery and materials. If you do a lot of creative work, like design or architecture, you’ll probably need a specially designed table to allow you to work more comfortably.

It’s important to carefully measure the dimensions of your furniture to get the perfect layout for your study zone. By placing the furniture strategically, you can really optimize your space. As a general rule, we would recommend placing furniture against the wall. One good option is to buy an L-shaped table.

This will give you more space, allowing you to work and move around with ease. When it comes to choosing your furniture, you’ll also need to think about aspects such as ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics. After all, it’s essential for you to be comfortable and at ease when doing your work.

Storage systems


Incorporating storage systems into your study zone is fundamental, as you need to be able to store and organize all your belongings. Incorporating shelves, drawers and baskets is essential in this kind of space.

The importance of lighting

Natural lighting is vital.

Another important aspect to take into account when it comes to creating your work and study zone is the lighting. It’s important to make sure there is plenty of natural light, as well as artificial lighting. If you have a large window, we would recommend placing your study zone nearby.

That way, you’ll have natural light all day long. When it comes to artificial lighting, it’s best to choose lamps that allow you to direct the light onto your desk, so that you’ll have plenty of light on those late nights.

Decorating your own way

Decorating your study zone.

Finally, once you’ve painted your walls and arranged your furniture, you can go on to decorate your study zone however you like. Decoration is essential for creating a pleasant and comfortable work environment.

Hanging paintings and other decorations on your walls will give your study zone a touch of color and personality. However, be careful not to clutter your space, as it could distract you from your work.

Choose the necessary furniture, the right lighting, and decorative elements you love, and you’ll be able to get to work in no time. With your own home study zone, you’ll discover just how nice it is to have a place where you can work and study in comfort.

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