Deep Clean Your Home This Weekend

Any day is the perfect day to do a deep clean in your home. But the weekend is the best time! Get to work with our help and advice.
Deep Clean Your Home This Weekend

Last update: 05 February, 2022

The weekend is the ideal time to deep clean your home. As a general rule, during the week, we don’t have as much time to fully attend to the needs of our homes. This is because from morning to evening, we’re distracted and busy with work and family issues. As a result, our home hygiene can quickly become neglected. 

However, let’s not keep putting this task off or leaving it for later. Home hygiene is extremely important to maintain our well-being and the health of our families.

For this reason, involve all members of your family and get everyone together to leave your home spotless. Ready? Let’s get to work!

Organize a schedule to clean your home this weekend


The first thing you must do is organize a schedule. You don’t need to clean every room in two days, actually, it’s better to distribute tasks over different times. This means that you won’t try to do too much in one go or become overwhelmed.

Prevent procrastination by preparing a weekly schedule with all the cleaning tasks that need to be performed. Give a copy to each member of your family and instruct their help. By doing this, everyone will have a sense of pride in their environment and work together to achieve goals and meet objectives.

Five steps to deep clean your living room

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in every home. Without a doubt, it requires direct intervention from all corners. Here are five steps to follow to complete a deep clean:

  1. Move all your furniture towards the center of the room, so that the walls and corners are exposed. From here, the mop can be passed through all the areas that are generally hidden.
  2. Walls require cleaning too! Use a dust-catching cloth to do this and make sure you also dust every vertical surface too. Don’t leave any part of the room uncovered.
  3.  Furniture can be sanitized with a cloth and by using a special product for wood or using vinegar mixed with baking soda. The idea is that you check the state of your furniture at the same time and evaluate any repairs or maintenance.
  4. We’re all guilty of not cleaning our blinds as frequently as we should! However, they accumulate quite a lot of dirt from open windows and from the interiors.
  5. Once all of this has been carried out, rearrange your ornaments and scrub the floor to leave everything spotless and disinfected.

Deep cleaning your bedrooms

Clean the dust from the floor.

The most private of spaces in the home requires the utmost attention. As such, each person must dedicate themselves to cleaning their bedroom. This is where we each spend a good part of our time and, if we don’t maintain proper hygiene and correct cleaning, our health can suffer.

Follow the same procedure as you did in your living room: move the furniture to the center and clean all the corners, including cleaning the bed itself. At the same time, it’s a good idea to reorder and organize your closet or dressing room and get rid of all the clothes that you no longer use.

Disinfection of bathrooms

Bathrooms probably get more care on a regular basis because they tend to get dirty more often and require almost daily intervention.

Of course, when you deep clean your home, it’s essential to disinfect your bathroom. To do this, you’ll need to use bleach, both for the toilet and the floor.

Equally, you should use ammonia to clean the bathroom walls, cabinets, and any decorative resources that may be present. The idea is that everything in your bathroom is completely sterilized.

Deep clean your home: kitchen

Deep kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is a space where a lot of dirt and grease are generated. Whenever you cook, vapors and fumes are released that make contact with the walls and surfaces. In fact, there’s usually a layer of fat lurking in corners and on surfaces.

As such, you should clean all surfaces with bleach, both countertops, and appliances as well as the walls themselves.

The rest of your kitchen furniture can be sanitized using special products or simply with a little ammonia. Don’t forget to vacuum everywhere afterward and scrub each floor once you’ve finished cleaning your surfaces.

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