Decorations with Fringes: Interesting Ideas

Do you want to know more about using fringes in decorative objects? We'll show you some interesting ideas that you can make yourself.
Decorations with Fringes: Interesting Ideas

Last update: 15 March, 2022

Fringes went from being popular on clothing to trending in home interiors. Decorations with fringes can now be seen on cushions, blankets, armchairs, garlands, walls, and even hanging from objects such as lamps or mirrors.

Given its rise in popularity, we’ll present you with some interesting examples and ideas surrounding fringes. Why not investigate this further and try making them yourself?

Fringed decorations on cushions

Fringes have started to appear on the different types of fabrics and textile objects in our homes. A very popular example is the fringes on the contours of cushions. Again, these can be part of the cushion cover you already bought from a designer store, or you can add them yourself.

In haberdashery stores, you’ll find strips of fringes in different colors and materials. All you have to do is sew the fringe strip to the edges of your cushion covers. It’s a pretty and decorative element that makes for original detail. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can even make fringes for your cushions yourself. Cut a large amount of yarn into strips and sew them (either by hand or machine) individually to the contours of the cushions.

Decorations with fringes to create original pieces

fringed cushion

Create a garland with fringes

This garland is the simplest and most common. Widely found within homes and used for different occasions, the fringed garland is easy to make yourself.

To make garlands and decorate your home with fringes, you can use different types of materials. The most popular ones are fabric and paper.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Scraps of fabric: different colors and patterns
  • Paper: different textures and colors
  • A cord

If you choose to use both fabric and paper, the first thing you should do is cut some small, medium, and long strips, depending on the length you want your fringes to be. Mix the colors and textures and choose one or more shades.

Once you’ve cut all the strips of material, proceed to knot them closely together on the cord. You now have a garland of fringes! You can alternate the fringes and leave spaces, create a small cluster or cover the entire rope with fringes.

Fringes serve to decorate all of your rooms, including children’s bedrooms and the living room. If you want to make garlands with fringes for a particular occasion or event, you can incorporate the color you want according to the situation.

Hanging objects: fringes on a rod

When it comes to decorations with fringes and as we’ve already mentioned, you can buy them or make them yourself. In this case, you can use a rod to make your own decorative hanging object with fringes.

Take a rod or branch of fine thickness and choose yarns of different colors, thicknesses, and textures, in your favorite shades. Then, cut strips of yarn in the same length as one another. Tie them to the rod you’ve chosen, one next to the other. After covering the entire surface to your liking, trim them at the base, so the length is consistent.

You now have a beautiful decorative object with yarn fringes. If you don’t want to use yarn, you can make your fringes with another material that you do like. For a slightly more rustic look, use a wooden dowel or dry branch and use shades of yarn in ecru, earth, and sand colours.

macramé fringe rod

Other decorations with fringes

You can find an infinite variety of fringed objects everywhere you go. There are lamps, for example, with fringes of different lengths that hang from their base or you can even find mirrors with fringes that hang like a curtain.

Decorations with fringes are a growing trend. Use them to fill every corner of your home and add beautiful details to all of your possessions. Try to make your own fringes for your favorite things or add them to those forgotten items that need an updated look.