Decorating Tips for a Children's Play Room

Our children deserve a place where they can play, expand their imagination and build their creativity. Make sure to provide them with a play room with the right decor to help them grow.
Decorating Tips for a Children's Play Room

Last update: 21 January, 2020

Our children deserve the best, especially when in their earliest years when they need a place to have fun and play. If you’re wondering how you can decorate a play room for your children, check out our tips today.

First, you have to recognize that this play room is where your little ones will be able to play, move and enjoy themselves. It can’t be a small room with structural limitations that cages them in.

You essentially have to prepare an entire play room just for them. Avoid merging it with another room as it might create problems for adults and children alike. Instead, give your children some independence along with colors and a dynamic atmosphere.

Choose the best-suited room

play room decor best

Choosing the right room to be your children’s play room is a crucial step. Analyze your home to decide which room will be the best choice for a play room. Don’t choose just any room; instead, take your time to plan out your decision.

When you’ve made your decision, check to see if the room is big, spacious and able to fit certain furniture pieces and toys. A small room that barely allows your children to move around will make for a sorry play room.

Children are active and need enough space to move around. They also need space to share with their siblings and friends.

Offer your children the best room that’s nice and open to play in.

Children’s furniture for play room decor

play room decor furniture

Once you’ve decided on the room, it’s time to furnish it with the essentials that are both functional and decorative. Some examples include:

  • Shelving units with colorful doors and an organized structure to store toys, objects or other accessories away. They’re the best way to keep a room tidy and to instill good organizational skills in children.
  • Rug or foam floor cover so kids can play on the floor. Try to avoid bare floors, especially if they’re wood, as all the playing can wear them down. Additionally, a rug or foam cover will be more comfortable to play on.
  • Tables and stools: they can be colorful, feature designs or patterns, fun shapes or have a simple yet functional design. Regardless of how they look, they should allow your children to sit down and do their tasks, study or play with other children.
  • Small couch to join in on the fun. Keep one thing in mind: your children are going to claim all rights to the play room. So add an element that allows you to join in and spend time with your children. For example, try a small couch.

Wall decor

play room wall decor

If your children  have a favorite character or love a certain hobby regardless of if it’s a sport or another social activity, decorate the walls of the play room in that theme.

  • One idea is decorating with vinyl decals that depict their favorite cartoon characters. You can find all kinds of designs on the internet for fast, easy decor.
  • The wall color plays a key factor to consider. If you’re planning to cover the walls with decals or posters, don’t stress over the color too much. But if the walls will be more visible, look for a nice color that your children will like.
  • A coathanger will come in handy for organizing jackets, clothes or other elements as well.
  • Decorative pictures that can add to the decor. Pictures don’t just add color to a setting but they also enhance the decor.

Most importantly, your children should feel like they’ve entered a magical space of light and color.

The importance of play at an early age

play room playing

What’s better than providing our children with a nice room full of toys for their enjoyment? If they have a room where they can grow creatively, they’ll grow into healthier adults.

It’s no surprise that today’s technology can keep their eyes glued onto a screen. But that’s precisely why we should show them the other side, where imagination plays a starring role in pulling together the perfect decor for a play room.

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