Wall Decor for Your Children

Wall decor is a great option for the bedrooms of your little ones. Learn about your options!
Wall Decor for Your Children

Last update: 11 November, 2019

In our post today, we want to leave you with some wall decor ideas for the bedrooms of your youngest children. There are many original and beautiful options.

The ideas we gathered for today’s post work for both children and adult bedrooms; the only thing that would change is their color or design. For children’s rooms, decorations are usually more colorful and even more dynamic.

Another decor idea for your children’s rooms is decorating with different kinds of letters and numbers: fun fonts, lights, random or intentional placement. Regardless of what you do, just make sure the walls have splashes of color.

As for hanging wall decor, the variety is endless. You can find all kinds of sizes, materials, colors, etc. In our post today, check out our wall decor ideas.


wall decor name

Just to give you an idea, you can find wall adornments with names at stores like Amazon. They normally have colorful letters and a cute design as well, such as animals.

Many people give them as gifts when babies are born, or for their baptism. As a result, dates are a common addition as well. They’re personalized gifts that are perfect for babies or small children.

Game wall

wall decor games

You might have seen our next idea at a school or nursery as it’s quite popular. Aside from decorating walls, a game wall will also help kids develop their imagination and creativity.

If you have enough space on the wall, set up several games to create a dynamic space for your children. Typical children’s games (such as matching images with their outlines or mazes) are popular ideas. But you can also find games that help children develop their sense of touch.

Cut-out hangers for children’s rooms

wall decor cut out

Aside from being adorable, cut-out wall decor is very practical. It’s great for baby or children’s rooms. If you want to use them in a baby room, use them to hang clothes or little baskets that hold everyday objects: lotions, diapers, and wet wipes. Setting up the changer right next to the cut-outs can be very helpful to ensure that everything you need is on hand.

Or, if you want to use these cut-out hangers for a child that’s a bit older, use them to hang baskets of craft materials, headphones, photos, hats, etc… You can also use them to create a shelf for magazines or books.

These hangers are commonly used to organize equipment in tool sheds or garages. But you can find them in any color.

Japanese panels

wall decor Japanese panels

To wrap up our list, we want to end with Japanese panelsThey’re a beautiful, delicate decor option. They normally come in a set of three vertical panels that fit together side-by-side.

If they have a design, they tend to be simple, creating a balanced and subtle decor. In addition, they often have a light background color and feature animals.

You just need to find the decor that best suits your children’s bedroom.

We hope you liked these ideas. You can find these wall decors at many online stores!