Decorating an RV: 5 Practical Ideas

Do you love going on solo or family trips? We have some great decor ideas for your RV.
Decorating an RV: 5 Practical Ideas

Last update: 04 February, 2019

The main thing you have to worry about for RV decor is space. Setting up a small home inside a vehicle is quite a task as you need to choose furniture and decor that can fit perfectly into the space. Creating separate sections can get complicated fast if you don’t know how to do it.

Ideally, you’ll want to have a comfortable, spacious RV that, of course, isn’t an eyesore. Additionally, an ideal RV will have easy-to-clean materials and enough space for the entire family. So, in our post today, we’d like to offer you some original ideas that are practical and decorative for your RV so that you can enjoy long family trips.

1. Paint the inside of your RV

If the outside of your RV has had a recent paint job, we recommend painting the inside. Always go for light colors. You can paint with white, chalk white, yellow or even pastel tones. These colors will lighten up the inside of your RV which you’ll need it because it’s a relatively small space.

2. Use mirrors

Mirrors help visually widen spaces. RVs are small, so using mirrors can offer big advantages. They’ll create a feeling of spaciousness.

3. Use appropriate furniture

Picking out the furniture is the hardest aspect of RV decor. While many RVs already come with furniture, you should think about the following aspects to make the most of your space:

Go for stowaway tables and chairs

Stowaway tables and mounts will be a real helping hand in an RV because you can set them up when you want to use them. You’ll save space and have an area to put other items. Study your space carefully; you could use desk mounts for breakfast and tables for lunch and dinner.

RV 1


A small sofa-bed will be a practical choice for your RV. You could use it along with a small table and create a living room. It also provides one more bed option.

Bunk beds

Small bunk beds are perfect. Fitted with two beds in one structure, they mainly serve to save space. First survey the height of the inside of your RV. You can custom-order bunk beds if you aren’t able to purchase them at a store. They’re great for young children.

4. Textiles: fundamental for decorating an RV

Just as in homes, textiles are extremely important for dressing up and decorating spaces. In your RV, they can decorate, insulate, cover windows and separate spaces. Choose your favorite patterns and colors.


Curtains are a must as RVs have many windows. You can hang small curtains on the side windows and a large one across the windshield, to close up for the night.

Another original and very practical idea is using curtains to separate spaces in an RV. You could create small rooms by separating the kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

Rugs and cushions

Using rugs in your RV will give it a homier feel. They create a comfortable area to walk around barefoot. Cushions are also important for relaxing on sofas or beds, keeping you comfortable on your long journey.

5. Storage system

If you have a big family and are traveling for a few days, you’ll probably have a lot of belongings, clothes, and food to take. Consequently, you’ll need a storage system to make the most of the space.

Use drawers and baskets

You can use wooden and cardboard drawers or wicker baskets. If you have empty corners or space under the bed, take advantage of them to stow away these drawers and baskets.

Hooks and racks

If you have a small kitchen, using hooks on your cupboard walls or a shelf rack will be a huge help. You could hang mugs, pitchers or other cooking utensils.

RV 2

Another very practical idea is installing several racks onto the doors of your RV. You can use them to hang clothes, umbrellas, bags or whatever you want.

Your RV will be your home or second home. You’ll probably spend hours and hours inside it, so you should feel comfortableEnjoy traveling with your family in this small, mobile home.

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