Decorate Your Floor with Mosaic

Fill your home with a historical decor theme by using a mosaic for your floor.
Decorate Your Floor with Mosaic

Last update: 24 October, 2019

You have different options for home floors: stone, tiles, wood, etc. But if you’re looking an option that goes beyond comfort, try mosaic.

Mosaic isn’t limited to furniture, objects and similar elements. It can also be a decor option for your floor. Ultimately, your home interior decor encompasses every aspect of your home, even your floors.

Decorating your floor might sound daunting at first. But color combinations, ceramic designs, geometrical shapes are all solutions. Another great solution is mosaic.

A brief history of mosaic

mosaic floor history

In addition to the question of its origins, no one can state with certainty the time around which mosaic designs first began to appear. Although history teaches us to question and follow the trails to find the root of artistic resources, the path to the past isn’t always easy.

Some clues point to mosaic starting in Mesopotamia around 3,000 b.C. during the Neolithic age. In those times, people decorated columns with little pieces of stone with acrylic color.

What we can be certain of, however, is of the first mosaic temple:

Olynthus in the 4th-century A.C. The Greeks began to use this technique for decor until the arrival of the Romans. In turn, the Romans turned mosaics into true works of art for home decor.

— Having a mosaic in your home is housing a piece of history itself. —

Roman mosaics for your home decor

mosaic floor Roman

Roman mosaic might be the best option for your home decor. It certainly would give your home a different, bold yet antique setting. These kinds of mosaics can work well in rustic decor settings. Let’s take a look at the resources you’ll need to make it happen:

  • A cement floor space that stones can remain fixed to.
  • The following materials to create the floor pattern: tiles, ceramic pieces, hydraulic tiles, slate, etc. Any hard material can work as long as it can withstand the weight of a person.
  • A design or an image that is easily recognizable or appropriate. Try human or animal figures or even geometric patterns.
  • A coherent color palette. Make sure that they look nice together.
  • Removal of any protruding impurities or imperfections.

If you want to create an authentic Roman mosaic, use cubic pieces made with ceramic, glass or limestone. Back in Roman times, these pieces were called “opus tesellatum“.

Where to lay your mosaic floor

mosaic floor places

Many places can serve as an ideal spot for a mosaic floor. But that doesn’t mean every room will work. On a different note, you don’t have to cover the entire floor with mosaic. Instead, you can cover a small space or create a simple rectangle.

  • Courtyard: whether you have a country or city home, courtyards or terraces are an outdoor area that are great for mosaics. You can install it in the center and enjoy it every day.
  • Entrance porch: your home entrance is inevitably the space that sees the most action. In light of that, you can install a mosaic instead of a doormat. Your guests will be impressed.
  • Living room and bedroom: these may not be common for mosaics, but they’ll look great.
  • Balcony: similar to the courtyard, balconies are ideal spaces for mosaics.

An antique setting for your home

Mosaics can give your home an antique setting. Mosaics were popular during the Classic periods but over the years, they lost their popularity.

Mosaics were ultimately a way to create a floor that could also serve as decor.

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