Decorate your Bedroom with Plants: It's Simple

Decorate your bedroom with plants and bring the outdoors indoors. Learn how to arrange them and where to place them so as you can fill your bedroom with nature.
Decorate your Bedroom with Plants: It's Simple

Last update: 19 November, 2022

Today we want to explain how to decorate your bedroom with plants, so you can enjoy their benefits in this intimate space. Many people feel that plants should go exclusively in the garden, on the balcony, or in the living room. However, it’s important to open your mind and bring a couple of plants into the bedroom.

Precisely, we want to explain the options for decorating with this natural resource. Take note of the ideas that you like the most and develop them.

Two types of plants you should know about

Plants to refresh the house.
Identify which are the ideal plants to decorate your bedroom.

Plants have incredible benefits for our health. Many of them purify the air and eliminate toxic substances due to air pollution and cigarette smoke, for example.

Equally, some species absorb oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide. These aren’t recommended at all for the bedroom, even though the amount of carbon dioxide they release is minimal.

Taking all of this into consideration, we must be very careful when it comes to the species we choose for our bedrooms. It’s not that we think they’re dangerous, we just feel that having species that contribute to better rest is paramount.

Species of plants to decorate your bedroom

From our list below, you’ll discover the recommended plants to decorate your bedroom with. Choose the ones you like the most; choose just one pot or several. Ready to make an incredible arrangement? Let’s get started!

  • Heartleaf Philodendron: this plant requires low light, moderate watering, and a lot of care. This last recommendation has to do with the fact that it’s toxic to pets and children if they ingest it. Its leaves are beautiful and they grow in different sizes, it’s also a very resistant species.
  • Pothos: a plant that requires moderate light and constant watering. It has heart-shaped leaves on hanging branches, making it very eye-catching. It’s one of the favorites to grow in the home because it purifies the air, giving benefit to everyone.
  • Sansevieria: another household favorite because it removes toxic agents from the air such as benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. It’s also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue and is robust and beautiful.
  • Malamadre or tape: a perennial species that are cultivated in a simple way and is quite resistant. Its leaves hang down and are quite long and luminous. Although its strength is the leaves, it also blooms white.
  • Aloe vera: a medicinal plant recommended by NASA to purify the air in space. Its leaves are green, and fleshy with spikes all around them. They also bloom occasionally and you can use the sap from inside the leaf on scars or sunburn.
  • Gardenias: require lots of direct, natural light, so you should have a bedroom with a large window. It must be continually watered and pruned to keep it beautiful. They’re believed to improve the quality of sleep, so it’ll be worth having one in your bedroom.
tape, an air purification plant
The ribbon is a beautiful plant that purifies the air.

Ideas to decorate your bedroom with plants

After choosing the plants you want to decorate your bedroom with, it’s time to think about how to include and use them. There are many options that you can consider depending on the space you have. Next, we’re going to explain more.

  • Level with the ground: don’t complicate things! If your plants already have some nice pots, the only thing left is to place them in such a way that they can be appreciated and admired.
  • Hanging: you can get some special plant holders to hang pots, so you can take advantage of their benefits without taking up a lot of transit space.
  • On shelves: there are a series of shelves that you can embed in the wall. They come in different materials too, which show off your plants and complement your decor.
  • On the dressing table or side table: if you’re going to decorate your bedroom with small plants, it’s a good idea to create space for them on these surfaces.

No matter which ideas you choose, always consider the special needs of each species. The type and amount of light it requires, its irrigation and intensity, and even the level of humidity it requires. This will ensure that your plants remain healthy, and strong and always look beautiful.

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