Get a Classic and Timeless Dressing Table for your Bedroom

If you're looking for a timeless and elegant element for your bedroom, a dressing table will cover all your needs.
Get a Classic and Timeless Dressing Table for your Bedroom

Last update: 31 March, 2020

Throughout the years, different style trends have shown that furniture and other elements from days past go in and out of fashion. However, thanks to their timeless and classic features, owning a dressing table was always on-trend.

A dressing table can give your bedroom a chic and elegant look. Besides, it has two useful characteristics: it’s functional and aesthetically beautiful. Can you think of a better way to organize and modernize your bedroom?

This piece of furniture has many advantages because it can be very versatile. It matches any type of aesthetic or space. Nowadays, dressing tables have many designs and materials, so it’s not hard to find one that fits your style needs.

Antique dresser.

A piece of furniture with a lot of history

Their origin lies in the ancient Egyptian chests of drawers. With time, these chests became more and more elaborate. Although, they experienced a revival at the end of the XVII century in France. A dressing table became a symbol of high-class society.

Used by both men and women, it was first meant for personal hygiene. That’s why earlier dressing tables had a sink. As time went by, it became what it is today – a place to keep cosmetic and hygiene products.

A mid century boudoir.

Elements that make up a classic dressing table

There’s a big variety of dressing tables. You can find vintage, colonial or minimalist dressing tables. However, even with all the differences, there are three essential characteristics.

A table

This is where you can place all the hygiene and beauty products. This is the focal point. When choosing a dressing table, make sure this fits the rest of the room.

  • Classic dressing tables are perfect for a romantic and flirty aesthetic. Its shapes and golden details make it the perfect complement for your bedroom.
  • On the other hand, if you’d like a modern look, choose one with minimalist features.
  • You can always add your personal touch to your dressing table. This is a simple task that yields amazing results. Just paint it or change its handles.

A mirror

The mirror is essential. It should be wide enough to reflect most of the top of your body.

No matter what aesthetic you’re after, make sure it is correctly lit up. Choose mirrors with lights attached to give it that Hollywood-ish look.

Feel like a movie star with your dressing table lights.

The chair

Last, but not least, the chair. This should match the rest of the room. Besides finding the one that fits your visual aesthetic, find a chair that’s comfortable and adapts to your body.

A French classical table for a boudoir.

How to organize your dressing table

Keep your dressing table organized. This way you can get the best out of it.

  • A useful feature when organizing your dressing table is the drawers. If your table doesn’t have drawers, you can use an auxiliary table.
  • Methacrylate dividers are one of the best options to sort your accessories because they come in different sizes and shapes that adapt to your needs.
  • Wicker baskets are perfect to keep the things you use the most in, like perfume or makeup brushes.

The best place to put your dressing table

Give your bedroom an elegant flair with a classic dressing table. However, choose the right place to put so it doesn’t overshadow the rest of your furniture. It’s very important to keep it well lit, therefore, place it near a window. If you have a small bedroom, use it as a dresser or bedside table. This will give it a romantic feeling.

Another great place to put your dressing table is the bathroom. Then you’ll have all your hygiene and beauty products in the same place.


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