Decorate Your Home with Ceramic Glaze

Give your home a shiny, colorful and dynamic decor by using glazed ceramics. There are all kinds of pieces to choose from that will work perfectly in your home.
Decorate Your Home with Ceramic Glaze

Last update: 01 September, 2019

Despite being a wonderfully shiny decor resource, ceramic glaze is generally little known and used. It is, however, very popular in Islamic decor settings and can be a wonderful option for any home decor. In both architecture and decor, ceramic glaze has been on a steady rise since the Middle Ages.

Aside from architecture and decor, it also appears in  jewelryCeramic glaze offers a gallant setting that embellishes its wearer’s appearance. It’s undoubtedly a fascinating and truly beautiful element for interior decor.

The setting that it creates

Ceramic glaze offers real elegance. It aims to create a setting that embellishes and transmits an aura of shiny sophistication.

ceramic glaze elegance

Thus, if you decorate your home with ceramic glaze, you’ll surely impress your guests. The textures and overall visual appearance truly stand out from the surroundings.

But the light that reflects off these pieces are what really makes them shine beautifully. That beautiful reflection pairs beautifully with the color and leaves you with a stunning decor accessory that’s completely orthodox.

— Make your spaces dynamic with color and light reflections. —

The technique: how is ceramic glaze made?

Ceramic glaze is basically a process of coating a piece of earthenware with a vitreous substance. In other words, the piece is visually transformed and covered in a shiny new layer.

Makers give the pieces a layer of lead glaze, which is the most popular main component for the glazing process. However, there are also substances that can create a similar result.

Today, there are many companies that use this technique and can cover entire walls with ceramic glaze. However, it’s a tedious process that yields glorious results, which equals high prices.

ceramic glaze technique

Main elements for decor

Ceramic glazed pieces look gorgeous in living rooms and bedrooms alike. If you want to put it on display for all eyes to see, the living room is the perfect spot to receive and impress your guests.

  • Jugs: jugs aren’t all too common in home decor. But with a ceramic glaze, they pass on from being functional to decorative pieces. They look beautiful in rustic settings.
  • Vases: vases are a classic ceramic accessory that are a must for decor. A ceramic glaze will give them a dynamic air thanks to the light reflections.
  • Pots: you should put your plants in pots that can embellish your settings. Ceramic glaze will help create a vivid setting that plays with the green of the plants and the reflection of the lights.
  • Mirror frames: framing a mirror with a ceramic glazed frame can be a wonderful idea. It’ll embellish the mirror and help create an elegant decor.
  • Figurines: ceramic birds, people, fantasy creatures, plants or flowers will all turn heads with their beautiful shapes and appearance.
  • Bowls: you need these items in your home decor for your living room and entrance. A ceramic glazed bowl will work perfectly to hold your keys or to plate a snack for when you have guests.

Where can you find ceramic glazed pieces?

ceramic glaze where

There are many places where you can purchase these pieces. First, you can check out dollar stores. But don’t be fooled by pieces that imitate ceramics or ceramic glaze.

Make it a point to pick quality. You’ll likely have to search in other places as well for authentic pieces.

You can find beautiful work at artisan fairs: containers, vases, jugs, bowls, ashtrays, etc. As they’d be artisan products, you can be confident in their quality.

— Seek out handcrafted pieces; they offer guaranteed quality. —

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