Creating Decor Items Using Jars with Sand

There are many decorative objects you can use to add to the decor of your home. This is certainly the case with jars with sand.
Creating Decor Items Using Jars with Sand

Last update: 14 March, 2019

Including jars with sand in a room will help to add a certain contrast to the decor. And although you might not think it would make much of a difference, it actually does in terms of adding texture, shape, and color. Together, these different aspects create an item of visual interest. In this article, we’ll show you how to create these special decorative items.

Filling jars with sand is a timeless technique that incorporates natural items with artificial objects. The best of all is that you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive container. Rather, you can use one that you already have and adapt it to the effect you want to create.

When you want to create your very own versions of different jars with sand, there are many advantages. So, take advantage of all those old glass jars and containers that you’ve stashed away in the cupboard, and make them into some beautiful decor items. To find inspiration, you can read these following ideas that we’re going to show you.

Jars with sand: types of arrangements

You can create jars with sand with many layers and colors, and even include plants such as succulents

You can create and prepare jars with sand with total freedom. You can fill them up right to the brim, leave them half full or even less. It all depends on your preferences. Now, we should highlight that you can basically create 3 different types of arrangements using jars with sand:

  • Natural. They have a simple, timeless finish and you can easily combine them with the rest of the decor items in the room. Generally, these can use sand from the seashore and some seashells, although you could also include small pebbles, crystals, dry twigs or succulents.
  • Artificial (subtle). They include certain details such as shiny sand (or sand with glitter), artificial but realistic plants or flowers, decorative figures and various other objects (fake pearls for example).
  • Artificial (fantasy). These are very pretty arrangements, with vibrantly colored sand and all kinds of objects. This type is the most varied.


1. Jars with sand in two colors

This is a very simple option and you can create it just as easily in a natural style as much as a more fantastical effect. For example, if you mix two types of natural sand (white and dark grey), you can achieve a discreet, simple, but very pretty arrangement.

It’s fitting to point out that you can include two equal layers of sand, or create different levels that are thicker or thinner.

What if you want to go for a less traditional style? Choose a simpler glass jar, so that the colors of the sand really stand out.

2. Jars with sand and flowers

Instead of adding green, why not look for some flowers in your favorite colors? One very elegant option would be to look for a half height glass jar with a light blue tint, fill it with white sand, and add a branch of white flowers, like those from an apple tree.

You could also create small terrariums or mini gardens.

3. Jars with sand and candles

Use wine glasses, colored sand, seashells and candles to create beautiful jars with sand

Jars with sand and candles are a very romantic type of decoration. You could include other small items, such as seashells, pebbles or crystals, for example. They would be perfect as a table decoration, or perhaps an accessory for the coffee table.

It’s also fitting to point out that this type of arrangement is better suited to rounded or spherical jars. However, you can also obtain good results with jars of other shapes. Just make sure you include the candle and create a harmonious composition.

4. Jars with sand and dry branches

If you want to show off one or more larger jars with sand, you could use other items, such as dry twigs or smaller tree branches. You could also try including such items as dried flowers to create arrangements.

The ideal jars to use to create this type of arrangement would be jars with a large bulb at the bottom and a narrow neck. These are spectacular inside the home as well as outside to provide a beach theme.

Create jars with sand and dry branches for a beach theme

Aspects to consider

Once you have your jars with sand ready, you can place them wherever you like. For example, they might suit the middle of your coffee table, in a bookcase, on a shelf, on the floor for taller arrangements, etc. Also, remember that you can group together various pieces of different heights, or mix them up with other decorative items, such as a wooden figure of an elephant, or a wicker ball.

There are many different ways to decorate your jars with sand. You can create them in simple steps and place them around the corners of your home. Or, you could even use them in the decor of some special event.