Common Decor Trends You Might Regret

In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the decor trends you might regret incorporating into your home. Are they really worth the risk? Take a look, and decide for yourself.
Common Decor Trends You Might Regret

Last update: 13 September, 2020

While all fashions come and go, some are born with a very clear expiration date. So, today, we’re going to show you some of the most common decor trends that you might regret incorporating into your home.

You fall instantly in love with them, and they seem like the perfect choice. However, the fleeting nature of some trends can make them a risky option. This is worth considering if you’re in the process of redecorating. It’s not a question of avoiding them completely – especially if you like them. But it’s important to think carefully about how and where you’re going to use them before you get started.

Decor trends you might regret: XXL wallpaper prints.

Wallpaper has become one of the most popular decorative elements in recent years. It’s easy to apply, not too expensive, and can completely transform the look of any room.

While large prints are often charming and eye-catching, they can be overwhelming in the long run, especially if you use them in smaller spaces.

If you really like this kind of wallpaper and still want to incorporate it into your home, you could combine it with a neutral color scheme, and limit its usage to a single wall of the room. That way, it can bring a small splash of color to your palette, but won’t oversaturate your space. We also recommend going for a more understated design if possible.

Unconventional tiles

Gold wall tiles.

There are so many different ways to tile a bathroom. It’s a great place to let your creative juices flow, and explore new decorating techniques. That said, it’s important to think things through carefully.

Creating original and daring tile designs has become a popular way to decorate. But have you considered that they may look outdated just a few years from now? With this in mind, we recommend opting for timeless ceramic tiles with a glossy finish and combining them with paint that complements the rest of your color palette. The results will be just as attractive, but far more subtle.

Terrazzo bathroom decor.

Terrazzo has been a favorite amongst trendsetters for several years now. It’s easy to clean and goes well with pretty much anything. But for all that, there’s a good chance that you might end up getting sick of it over time.

Instead of using it to tile your floors, why not use it on a piece of furniture or other accessories instead? You can find side tables, tableware, and many other items that imitate the texture and style of terrazzo. They look great but aren’t nearly as risky.

Putting all your eggs in the one basket

Classical style decor.

Decorating your home in a single style is something we recommend you avoid at all costs. Mixing different elements and styles will help give your home more personality, and ensures that it’s unique.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit eclectic when it comes to designing your spaces. Why not combine that Chesterfield sofa with an industrial style table, and hang that painting you bought on your last vacation up on the wall?

Find a balance that reflects who you are, and use personal elements to create something truly special. This is the best way to create a home that feels vibrant and authentic.

The dangers of fast fashion

Decor trends you might regret: fast fashion.

By now, you’ve probably already heard about this modern consumer trend. Today, we live life at breakneck speed and expect everything to be instantaneous. And this has led to the rise of issues such as fast fashion.

This trend has resulted in low-cost designs which, while they may offer you the chance to create the house of your dreams, may also lead you to buy more in the long run. Again, it’s important to find a balance between quality and cost, and make an effort to become a more responsible consumer.

In many cases, fast fashion furniture is of poor quality and tends to have a very short lifespan. Of course, there’s no harm in incorporating low-cost items here and there. However, when it comes to furniture you’ll be using on daily basis (such as couches, dining room tables, and beds) it’s best to invest in quality.

You can combine these with fast fashion items, such as a coffee table, or furniture for your hallway. That way, you’ll be able to give your decor a more relaxed, personal, and versatile feel.

These are just some of the decor trends you might regret in the future, but there are others, including backless chairs, metallic finish elements, and the overuse of rustic-style furniture.

Remember, balance is the key. And as much as you love those daring designs you see in the latest interior design magazines, many of them are all too fleeting to be worth investing in.