Colors to Paint Your Home in 2022

Today, we're going to reveal the on-trend color predictions for your home in 2022. Give your rooms different sensations and make an impact for the new year to come.
Colors to Paint Your Home in 2022

Last update: 27 November, 2021

The new year is just around the corner and we’ll tell you about the on-trend colors to paint your home in 2022. There are even some new shades within the light blues. In particular, one has been named by experts as cranberry coulis, which relates to the vastness of the sky and gives a feeling of tranquility, harmony, and energy.

Alongside this one, there are other colors that we’ll talk about and that’ll add vitality and light to your walls. Of course, without departing too much from the traditional white or neglecting the subtlety and delicacy that many people still like to have in their homes. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Colors to paint your home in 2022: how the pandemic changed our outlook

Covid-19 families.

The COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2019 (and is still in force at this time) brought changes that have impacted all aspects of our lives. Even the constant isolations and quarantines in some countries led people to transform their homes.

The desire for quieter and more designated areas within our homes has led many to rethink the colors they paint their walls. More so now that the numbers of infections have decreased and vaccinations have been extended, allowing for more social gatherings and celebrations that’ll hopefully continue into 2022.

Without further ado, we’re going to tell you about the colors that’ll become a trend in 2022. Check which ones are more adapted to any new sensations that you want to convey to those who live with or visit you.

You can even combine colors in the same space or choose a tone according to the function of each zone. For example, in the living room, you want pleasant colors that evoke family and social environments. While in the study, you need those colors that help to keep you focused.

Light blue or pastel

Cranberry coulis is one of the colors to paint your house this 2022.

According to the psychology of color, blue is related to freshness, humidity, and water. It’s also described as the color of infinity, tranquility, affection, and intelligence.

In 2022, this will be one of the trending colors (especially in its lighter shades) in a combination that’s been named as blueberry coulis. You can use these tones in an entire space, as well as combine them with white to generate contrasts.

If in the new year, you want to go out of the ordinary, you can use two different shades of blue, without exaggerating the darkest one.

Grayish greens

In the psychology of color, green relates to nature and humanity and conveys hope in multiple cultures. This new year, the grayish-green tones will be at the forefront, leaving aside the idea that they’re old or boring.

That grayish-green hue brings color to every space while making them look elegant, sober, and subtle. You can also use it in combination with white, with a different green tone than the base, or with an ocher color–if you like to take risks.

Mint green

Continuing in the line of greens, but providing more shine and vitality, we find the mint green color. This is a color that’s remained in force since it arrived because it brings freshness and a lot of fun. It harmonizes well with white, with other shades of green or light blue, and it’s ideal for complementing wooden furniture.

Use it in the living room, study, or office. Specifically in those places where you need to keep your mind fresh to create new ideas.


Decoration with orange and green

Orange is a secondary color resulting from the combination of red and yellow, so it couldn’t be warmer and more energetic. For this reason, it’s predicted to be one of the trends of 2022 because it invites people to enjoy these sensations at home.

However, its excessive use increases anxiety so it’s better to combine it with a color that allows it to shine, but at the same time balances it. Options include the traditional white and pastel orange or colors lighter than the base. Neutral colors such as gray are also options.

What colors will you paint your house in 2022?

Now you know the colors to paint your house in 2022, start planning and thinking about which one or which of them you identify with the most. Give your rooms different sensations and make an impact for the new year to come.

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