Colors that Combine with Yellow

Some colors that combine well with yellow are green, blue, and white. Discover the best one to suit your style.
Colors that Combine with Yellow

Last update: 27 August, 2022

Yellow is warm and it’s one of the most versatile colors. But it’s not always easy to identify which other shades and colors combine with yellow. This is precisely why we’ve written this article, to help you identify the shades that work best.

Yellow is one of the four primary psychological colors. It can be combined with other primaries to bring new tones to life or to change their intensity from higher to lower. It’s also known as the color of the sun, light, and gold, and is related to joy.

What colors combine with yellow?

Being a primary color, there are many shades that combine perfectly with yellow. Keep reading because we’re going to explain what they are. As such, if you want to decorate with a palette led by this color, you’ll know exactly what other tones to mix it with, without saturating it too much.

Pink tones with yellow

Combination of pink and yellow, a pop touch
Yes, yellow and pink are a great combination!

Although it may seem like a strange combination, pink tones combine well with yellow. Both colors create an atmosphere of creativity, warmth, and incredible energy wherever they’re applied.

However, they should be used sparingly. Also, remember that it’s not about painting all the walls of your home with this duo, the colors are combined from a general perspective. This means that all the elements of the room contribute, from the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the accessories.

Now, of the wide range of pinks to choose from, the best is cotton or sugar pink with an acid yellow.

Brown is another color that combines with yellow

If you like warmer environments, but a little darker, we suggest combining yellow with brown. Although brown is dark, this mix creates a very special sense of calm.

A good way to combine them is by using the sunnier color on the walls and choosing dark or light brown furniture. It works the same if you have a wall with a chocolate spotlight and a mustard yellow sofa.

Yellow with grey? Of course!

Yellow and gray is a beautiful combination.
Yellow and gray are a beautiful combination.

Among the colors that combine perfectly with yellow, we have gray. It’s a beautiful palette that can be applied to the living room, a neutral children’s bedroom, or a dining room. Gray brings tranquility and elegance, balancing the brightness of yellow. You can use mustard yellow with light or dark gray.

Try it! It’s a beautiful combination! If you want to apply it to the living room, try a gray sofa with yellow cushions. Add a yellow pouf and watch your living room come alive.

Combining yellow with white

If you prefer white environments, but with touches that shine, this is the perfect combination. White is the neutral tone par excellence, it brings freshness, serenity, and beautiful contemporary touches to the spaces where it’s used.

Mixing it with yellow, regardless of the hue, is always a good idea. The appropriate way to do this can be through a focal wall, a series of cushions for the bed, the headboard of the bed, or a rug. The ideal is not to saturate the rooms with yellow, so it is best to use it in subtle touches, but that stand out with elegance.

Yellow with green: colors that combine with yellow

Entering more risky and vibrant combinations, we find yellow and green. If that seems like too much, think about how it combines the green of the grass with the sun’s rays at their most intense.

If you use these colors at home, you can enjoy the sensation caused by seeing this palette in everyday life. Try this mix in the dining room, choosing a dark green hue on the walls with bright yellow chairs at the table.

Combining yellow with blue

Blue is one of the colors that best combines with yellow.
Blue is one of the colors that best combines with yellow.

We conclude this article with the colors that best combine with yellow, with the idea of mixing it with blue. The first is a warm tone and the second is cold, making a perfect contrast.

It’s recommended to apply a mustard yellow on the walls and combine it with a grayish blue for decorative accessories. You’ll see that these two tones will create an energetic and elegant atmosphere.

Which colors that combine with yellow will you choose?

Taking into account that you’ve already decided to use the yellow tone in your home, choose the colors that best combine with it to decorate your home. We’ve offered you a series of six combinations with different meanings and impacts, but beautiful and very positive for each space.

Enjoy redecorating and giving your home a complete makeover.

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