Chromatic Prints for Bedspreads

It's time to fill your bedroom with light and color. For this reason, we're going to consider the different types of chromatic prints and patterns for bedspreads.
Chromatic Prints for Bedspreads

Last update: 15 December, 2021

Our bedrooms are private spaces where our personalities should shine through the decor. It’s important that the decor we choose reflects our tastes, characteristics, and qualities. For this reason, we’re going to consider the different types of chromatic prints for bedspreads.

The aesthetic contribution that we make at home is decisive and thematizes the content and sets the scene in a cordial and direct way. However, the whole room must work in collaboration to achieve this.

Although our guests don’t usually enter our bedrooms, we should still value the idea of enjoying our decor and resources.

The importance of bedspreads

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The bed is the fundamental epicenter of the bedroom. And as such, an important responsibility falls on it at a decorative level. We perceive meanings and characteristics according to the appearance of the bed.

The objective is for our bed to be consolidated as the main aesthetic reference. The rest of our accessories and furniture should relate to it without inappropriate contrasts producing internal tension.

Therefore, we should choose a bedspread that stands out and receives prominence. From there, the other resources in the room must maintain similarities and a corresponding appearance.

Types of chromatic prints for bedspreads

We can find a range of different chromatic prints and patterns for bedspreads. Instead of resorting to a solid color, we also have the opportunity to choose a formula that brings more meaning to the space. Let’s see some examples:

  1. Nature and plant themes are on-trend. There are different types: leaves, palms, florals, petals, and foliage. The most remarkable thing is the colors they offer, showing off a naturalistic attitude when using greens, oranges, blues, reds, or even neutral.
  2. Geometric shapes also have some relevance. Squares, circles, rectangles, and other shapes can be a good bet, as long as they’re filled with colors that convey liveliness and dynamism.
  3. Black and white can be worked from different aspects, but there’s one that evokes the most curiosity: the zebra skin print. It’s striking and has a similar effect to leopard print, although this brings a warmer contribution.
  4. The most popular prints are those with background colors with silhouettes, figures, or shapes. It’s a simple and common format but creates a striking combination of both design concepts.
  5. For children’s rooms, there are multiple possibilities. From more neutral representations such as animals, hearts, or stars to cartoon characters.

Fill your bedroom with multicolored bedspreads

Decorate the bedroom

One of the possibilities that we can also find on the market is the multicolored bedspread. Available in a basic format where horizontal lines are represented and designed to separate the different shades.

Another case is patchwork. Here, contrasting squares, homogeneous or irregular geometric shapes are formed to dress the bed.

The main objective is that we acquire and use those prints, patterns, and designs that best suit our bedrooms and our personalities.

Photographic prints: an innovative resource

If we want to contribute striking content that stands out all by itself, we have one of the most interesting possibilities at our disposal: photographic prints on the bedspread. This also works on both double and single beds.

There are companies dedicated to creating personalized snapshots. At the same time, there are other neutral images that offer a more general vision, such as seascapes, cities, animals, works of art, etc.

In short, the possibilities for colorful bedspreads are surprising. It’s all a matter of visiting bedding stores or looking online to seek out your favorites. It’s worth mentioning you should decorate your bedroom like a professional to ensure its style and decor suits your needs and personality.

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