Christmas Decorations to Attract Good Luck

From jingle bells to Advent wreaths, discover the Christmas decorations that invite good luck into your home.
Christmas Decorations to Attract Good Luck

Last update: 10 December, 2022

Christmas is nearly here and you’ve probably already decorated your home. However, we want to tell you about a series of special Christmas decorations that you can also include to attract good luck. Some can be used to decorate the doors and others you can add to your tree.

This is a wonderful and exciting time of year that’s loaded with symbolism. It includes celebrating New Year too with activities that invite us to unite and focus on starting a new chapter.

For those who want to include a spiritual and mystical feel in their Christmas rituals and are in search of attracting good luck, this article is for you! Do you identify with this? If so, start reading to find out more!

Christmas decorations designed to attract good luck

As we mentioned, Christmas is a celebration that’s loaded with symbolism and associated with prosperity, new beginnings, and good energy. For this reason, we bring you our selection of Christmas decorations that you can use if you want to attract good luck to your home and family.

Choose the ones you like the most and add them to the decorations you already have at home. Now, if you still haven’t decorated your home yet, this is an opportunity to do so!

1. The inevitable Advent wreath

The Advent wreath is one of the Christmas decorations that most attract good luck to hoagres.
The Advent wreath is one of the Christmas decorations that attract good luck to homes.

The Advent wreath is one of the Christmas decorations par excellence because it’s directly related to good luck. It welcomes this time of the year and for Christians, it represents the infinite love of God. Moreover, because it’s made with green leaves, it also symbolizes eternal life.

This object is usually placed on the front door, but also on each of the dining room chairs or used to decorate the windows. You can have just one or several.

2. Reach for the stars to attract good luck

According to the Christian Christmas story, the three Wise Men were led to the manger where Jesus was born under the brightest star.

Thus, stars are just one of the Christmas decorations that symbolize faith and good luck. Also, their color and brightness are in themselves a sign of joy and celebration, so feel free to decorate your home with them.

3. Stockings or boots in the fireplace

Boots or stockings are Christmas decorations that are associated with good luck because the gifts and wishes that you’ve asked for are left inside them.

They have this connotation thanks to the legend of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus). He heard about a poor man who didn’t have a dowry for his daughters to marry. So, he entered the man’s house in secret, saw his socks hanging by the fireplace, and left some gold coins inside them.  This gave the man the luck he needed at the time.

4. Reindeer

Reindeer are known as the faithful and loyal servants of Santa Claus, which is why they’re popular Christmas decorations in many homes. However, this isn’t the only reason why they’re associated with Christmas.

These beautiful animals symbolize strength, inner peace, loyalty, protection, and spiritual renewal. Without a doubt, reindeer are a good Christmas omen and they go perfectly in any decoration. Think prints on cushions, baubles for the tree, and even clothing, among others.

5. Jingle bells

The bells symbolize good luck, joy and hope.
Bells symbolize good luck, joy, and hope.

Bells emit a beautiful sound and are believed to announce the arrival of Santa Claus, who arrives at homes loaded with gifts. Therefore, in addition to symbolizing good luck, bells represent joy and hope.

In fact, the sound generates such good vibes that it’s a good idea to include bells in Advent wreaths, centerpieces, door handles, or the tree.

6. Decorative elves to attract good luck

Elves are another protagonist at Christmas that symbolizes good luck. They’re believed to be tiny magical beings that help Santa to make all the presents. In fact, some mythologies state that meeting an elf is very good luck.

You can use them to decorate your garden, the entrance of your home, and your Christmas tree or display them as prints on cushions.

What Christmas decorations will you choose to attract good luck?

In total, we’ve shared six ideas for your Christmas decorations that’ll attract good luck. In addition, they’re easy to find, cheap to make, and will work well with any type of decoration that you already have in your home.

Enjoy them and remember that the best secret to attracting the best vibes is inside your heart. Merry Christmas!