Christmas Bathroom Ideas

Having a Christmas bathroom is easy! Celebrating this season in every room of your home is possible, fun and effective. All you need to do is extend your decorative style and enjoy.
Christmas Bathroom Ideas

Last update: 08 November, 2022

Christmas is just around the corner! As we all begin to prepare for the festivities, we want to share our ideas on how to create a Christmas bathroom. When it comes to Christmas decorations, this room is usually forgotten, but it shouldn’t be this way.

This year, make sure the spirit of Christmas reaches every corner of your home. Without a doubt, every time you, your family, or your guests use your bathroom, they’ll be infected by your festive enthusiasm. Ready to find out more about it? Let’s get started!

The best ideas to achieve a Christmas bathroom

Decorating a Christmas bathroom is a recent custom, but it has been so well received that you can now find and source countless decorative items for this room. This makes the job easier because you’ll be able to give your bathroom an identity and extend it throughout your home.

Take careful note of our decorating ideas, put them into practice and enjoy your Christmas bathroom.

A Christmas bathroom should have good lighting, from candles to hanging lights.
A Christmas bathroom should have good lighting, from candles to hanging lights.

Leave your bathroom sparkling

The first thing you should do before transforming your bathroom into Christmas is to make it sparkle. This means that you need to clean it thoroughly and repair any problem areas. 

It’s time to fix that leak, remove any mold from the bathtub, restore the shine on your faucets and make any grouting look like new.

Once you’ve done this, your bathroom will be clean, organized, and ready to receive a festive makeover.

Dress up your Christmas bathroom

There are so many elements, objects, and items to help you dress up your bathroom ready for Christmas. Why not start by changing your traditional towels to ones with Christmas prints? These can be as discreet or as striking as you want.

In addition, you can add a festive rug. On the market, you’ll find some with Christmas prints and other, more classical types that’ll complement your existing decor based on color or texture.

Moreover, consider adding textiles to the bathroom shelves, such as mats, doilies, and baskets. You can even dress up your toilet.

Put some lights and garlands in your Christmas bathroom

Lights, garlands, ribbons, and wreaths can also be used in the bathroom. Apply attention to detail and hang some sparkling lights around the mirror or the outline of the ceiling. You can also decorate the main door with garlands.

Additionally, a few candles will add a festive and cozy feel to make going to the bathroom more enjoyable. You could buy some Christmas ones or change the look of the ones you already have with some red, gold and green ribbons. They would go great over the toilet tank, shelves, or countertops.

Fragrance according to the season

Take advantage of the season to aromatize your bathroom with essences that evoke Christmas.
Take advantage of the season to aromatize your bathroom with essences that evoke Christmas.

Maintaining a pleasant smell in the bathroom is really important because it makes the space inviting and implies cleanliness. Equally, there’s nothing that evokes Christmas more than the scent of cinnamon, eggnog, and ginger, among others.

Choose the one that makes your spirit happy and use it. You can opt for some scented candles, diffuser essences, and even gel pastes. It’s all a matter of preference and taste.

How do you plan to decorate your Christmas bathroom?

We’ve given you some general ideas on how to decorate a Christmas bathroom. From them, you can establish the decorative style you want in terms of colors and style, depending on what you want for this year.

Finally, you could always include a small Christmas tree and place it on the toilet tank, in a bathtub tray, or on a shelf. You can also include figurines and delicate ornaments to make the spirit of Christmas come alive.

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