Christmas 2022: Color Trends

Find out which colors are in trend for Christmas 2022. Choose the right tone for this festive season and let the spirit of Christmas shine.
Christmas 2022: Color Trends

Last update: 15 November, 2022

As we begin the final stretch of 2022, Christmas is getting closer. It’s a season that we all love and it’s for this reason that we want to talk to you about color trends. By knowing what’s trending and what isn’t, you can start organizing your home and the decorations that’ll mark the most beautiful time of the year.

Read on, choose a trend and implement it. Keep in mind that if you start to buy the things you need now, you can spread the cost and save money. Don’t forget, during December, high demand makes decorations more expensive in general.

Although the Christmas tree and the nativity scene are usually assembled in the days before Christmas, planning can begin several months in advance. You can start planning your color scheme, decorations, and even the menu that you’ll serve on Christmas Eve and New Year.

For those who enjoy planning and organization, we’ll talk about the trending colors for this year. Are you interested? Keep reading to learn more!

Christmas tree simulating snow
One of the color trends for Christmas 2022 includes metallic tones such as silver.

Gold Christmas decorations for 2022

We start this list of color trends for Christmas 2022 with a traditional tone, that can’t be left aside. We’re talking about gold. Despite being a classic, this year it comes as a trend that accompanies rustic Christmas decorations.

The best approach is to decorate your tree with pine cones, wood, and golden touches in bows and baubles with natural fabrics and bells. You’ll discover that gold and brown tones combine beautifully and evoke Christmases of yesteryear.

Blue and silver for the tree

The traditional green color of Christmas trees will stand out with blue and silver decorations. This is a rather cold decoration, but very appropriate for homes located in the North of the hemisphere.

You can use these colors in different ways: baubles in shades of silver with blue ribbons and bows or vice versa. Add some extra bright branches and flowers in these tones and don’t leave out some classic decorations too.

A white Christmas for 2022

White is another tone that’s in trend for Christmas 2022. It’s a classic but when used the right way, it elevates and evokes feelings of Christmas.

You can have a white tree and decorate it with baubles and garlands in other colors or choose a traditional green tree with white decorations. To make this tone stand out more, especially at night, place yellow or gold lights on it.

Total white: another level

If you like white, why not try using all white? You can opt for a totally white tree with decorations also in white or in very close tones such as cream, pearl, and silver. As this is all about letting the white stand out, embellishments in other shades should be subtle, for example, you can use fabric decorations with small bright details.

Red is a happy color that’s on trend

decorate the christmas table
Another of the color trends for Christmas 2022 includes the classic red.

Of the traditional Christmas tones, red is the most cheerful and festive, standing out in a unique way. Especially when you combine it with green. If you want to go for a red nativity, you can add touches of wood, silver, and gold trim.

You can use red baubles, garlands, and flowers, among other items. Don’t forget the foot of the tree either! Decorate it in red to stand out and contrast against the gifts that you place there.

Purple: a Christmas color

When it comes to thinking outside the box, the color purple is trending this Christmas. It’s a vibrant shade that goes well with green trees. 

It may even be possible to add a few touches of blue or silver alongside the purple. It can also be the predominant color on an all-white tree. A versatile shade, purple goes well on door wreaths and even decorative lights.

Enjoy a colorful Christmas 2022

The latest color trend for Christmas invites us to bet on multicolors. That’s right, a mixture of shades that’ll bring your Christmas tree to life and represent you on a personal level.

Of course, it’s advisable to be consistent with the tones. For example, opt for pastel shades and place balls and garlands in your favorite colors, but only in this palette. That will give it a uniform feel, despite being something completely new and original.

We’ve shared the color trends that’ll mark Christmas 2022. There’s something for all tastes and personalities, so you can easily identify with one of them. However, if you don’t find your ideal palette, don’t worry, simply customize your decorations as you wish and enjoy the satisfaction of your efforts.