Choosing the Right Artwork to Decorate your Home

If you're unsure about the type of decoration you want to try, artwork can fit perfectly and adapt to the rest of the decoration. It's all about choosing the right pieces.
Choosing the Right Artwork to Decorate your Home

Last update: 17 November, 2020

The idea of offering a distinguished and elegant look in interior design can be achieved using the right elements. The main goal is to add value to the decoration. A good way to do it is showing your interest in culture. Therefore, what can help you choose the right artwork to decorate your home?

Before you start shopping for artwork, ask yourself what you like or what’s attractive to you, and how well it would go with the rest of the decoration in your home?

Instead of using the same old decorative elements, try finding an alternative. Your personal criteria should focus on showing your identity and your own defined and personal aesthetic.

A green room with the right artwork to create coherence.

What can artwork do for you?

It’s worth noting what artwork represents and the role it plays in interior design. The meaning, colors, themes, and feeling it creates puts it on another level from other decorative elements.

A painting or a sculpture can fit perfectly anywhere you place it, as long as it complements the main style. Suddenly, the space you put it in can give new life to an entire room.

What can artwork do for you? It can give your home a more refined aesthetic concept. You’re stating a clear message – you appreciate art and you want it to be there every day.

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”

-Oscar Wilde-

A sculpture of a peacock is the right artwork for this home.

How to choose the best artwork

Once you’ve settled on using artwork for your decoration, you need to choose the right type. It’s a common mistake to choose any work of art that don’t fit a criteria. Here are a few guidelines for you.

  1. The style of the house must fit the artwork you choose. There can’t be a classical sculpture in a modern setting or dark paintings in a bleak room. Strive for coherence.
  2. A home is an architectonic design where there’s an artistic process in place. In a way, there should be a balance between space and content. The exterior should be moderate and pay attention to the interior.
  3. The most important thing is finding a style you like. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Show your true self.
  4. Choose a piece of artwork or two that you like and fit the rest of the decoration around it. Don’t clutter the space with a lot of art that saturates the area.

Does any artwork fit any kind of style?

Art makes sense everywhere. Sometimes, streets are open-air museums. Therefore, analyze the style you have in your home and think about what artwork would fit best.

Try to avoid the randomness of different styles. If you’re using an Impressionist painting to cover a wall and you put a modern sculpture next to it, you’ll create an aesthetic tension that doesn’t work.

The main goal is to create harmony within a space. Being coherent with interior design and decoration, you’ll reach a comfortable degree of personal well-being and achieve a cozy environment.

How many pieces of artwork are enough?

There isn’t a set number of pieces of artwork to use in home decoration. You can decide to use just one in one place or place an equal number of pieces around the house.

It’s up to you to turn your house into a museum or create a balanced atmosphere. This is the best way to create a distinguished and elegant home, showing your taste and interest in the arts.


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