Most Common Decor Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Furniture that's too big, scarce storage space, insufficient lighting... these are some of the most common home decor mistakes. But stick with us to find a solution.
Most Common Decor Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Last update: 20 June, 2019

We’re here to save you from your home decor mistakes! Everything (or almost everything) has a solution. If you read this in time you can prevent huge disasters– great! But if you’ve already changed your furniture or finished a home renovation project that’s gone wrong, check out our solutions for the most common home decor mistakes.

There’s a solution for every home decor mistake

Need more lighting? Messed up your furniture’s measurements? Lacking storage space? Stay calm! We have solutions for the most common home decor mistakes to help you perfect your home.

My living room is too cold

common home decor mistakes cold living room

If you can’t get enough of white and have decorated your living room with a white couch, walls and a set of lovely white cabinets, too, you might find the setting eerily hospital-like.

Here’s your solution: add a natural wood furniture piece and natural fiber details such as wicker, sisal or jute. Or, you can generate warmth through textiles: rugs, decorative pillows, curtains, etc.

Don’t forget lighting makes a difference. Create different light sources instead of having one ceiling lamp. Try standing lamps or a side table to create a softer ambiance.

Decor mistakes: I need a change but don’t have the budget

common home decor mistakes budget

Do you have furniture from years ago that you thought was perfect at the time? But now, every time you look at it you can’t help thinking, “what was I thinking?”

If you chose the wrong furniture and don’t have the budget to change it, you still can change up your home decor with a few tricks and set this decor mistake to rest.

Try using your current pieces and instead, spend money on a new coffee table, rug, different curtains or modern accessories instead. You’ll love how they completely transform your living room.

But can I completely avoid buying new furniture?

common home decor mistakes furniture

First things first, if you don’t want to mess up big time, don’t get ahead of yourself. Take the time to think things through, measure, plan for the space you have available. There are even apps that you can use to keep track of measurements.

For example, Maisons du Monde offers its SketchUp app that allows you to create a 3D model of your home. You can fit in furniture to test how it would look.

Always buy your bigger furniture pieces first, such as couches, beds, dining tables… they’ll help you understand your space and what other pieces you’ll need in a room.

To give you an example, a 3-seater couch might be 2-meters long while a loveseat anywhere between 1.65-1.80 meters. Measure your living room before you make your decision.

I need more storage space

common home decor mistakes

This is especially true for our first homes: we don’t know how many items we’ll come to acquire and what space we’ll need to organize everything. That’s where basic issues like scarce storage space appear.

Try  installing shelves on a wall and playing around with their height to make the most of the empty space.

Or, look for furniture pieces with hidden storage compartments. A bench, for example, is a comfortable seating option but can store kitchenware. Or try a poof that can keep things out of sight.

If you have children, look for ways to store their toys, clothes, books… Check out this post where we explain how you can teach your children to keep their room nice and organized.

Home decor mistakes: I need more light in my kitchen

common home decor mistakes

Both kitchens and bathrooms often become black holes in many homes– especially in older homes that lack big windows to allow in natural light.

For kitchens, we suggest tearing down a wall and creating an open-concept layout, which has been a decor trend for some years now. But if you aren’t keen on opening up your entire kitchen, try installing a glass wall to keep things closed when you want while letting light pass through to the rest of your home.

See? Everything has a solution. Today, we looked at some of the most common home decor mistakes and their solutions. Any lingering doubts that we can give you a hand with?