Children's Wallpaper: Trends for 2023

Children's wallpaper is an excellent option for redecorating your child's bedroom. It's simple and stylish too. Let's look at the trends for 2023.
Children's Wallpaper: Trends for 2023

Last update: 11 May, 2023

If you’re thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom, it’s time to discover the trends in children’s wallpaper for 2023. Wallpaper is easy to apply, budget-friendly, and will give a room a whole new look.

If these advantages aren’t enough, depending on the pattern and motifs that you choose, the wallpaper design stimulates creativity, instills an appreciation for nature, and contributes to rest. Keen to learn more? Keep reading!

Changing or using wallpaper to decorate your child’s bedroom is ideal for giving their room a new lease of life. Moreover, there are some incredible designs and motifs specifically for children. The coolest thing of all is that these motifs and designs fit all the different tastes that children have today. Without further ado, let’s get started and take a look at the trends in children’s wallpaper for 2023.

1. Wallpaper with a white background

Children's wallpaper in which white predominates is a trend due to its elegance and the calm it produces.
Children’s wallpaper where white predominates is elegant and calm.

Today’s kids are saturated with gadgets, electronic devices, and TV shows, so it may be taking it to the extreme to bring this same scenario or theme into their bedrooms. For this reason, children’s wallpaper in which white predominates is the number one trend for 2023.

According to color psychology, white is related to purity, cleanliness, and peace. So if you feel that your child needs some calm, opt for designs where this color predominates.

Among the most outstanding options are white animal motifs, plants, and lines that form different figures.

2. Children’s wallpaper: subdued motifs with a watercolor effect

In search of achieving serenity, another trend in children’s wallpaper is one with subtle motifs that are noticeable, but not too much. In turn, the watercolor effect is trending.

If you like this option, then involve your child by asking them what drawings or motifs they’d like to have in their bedroom and get the most harmonious version you find. There are even companies that can help you create your designs and print the amount of wallpaper you require.

3. Starry ceiling wallpaper

One of the children’s wallpaper trends for 2023 includes using it on the ceiling. These include motifs such as stars, constellations, or planets, especially if your children like space.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to create a contrast between the wallpaper on the walls and the wallpaper on the ceiling. Although they shouldn’t be the same, they should complement each other and look harmonious. Remember, the idea is for your little ones to rest and to encourage them to clear their minds when they’re sleeping.

4. Children’s wallpaper: more youthful prints

If there’s one thing that characterizes children today, it’s that they don’t like to be treated like children! So if your child feels this way, choose wallpaper with more youthful designs. Among them are motifs where the forest predominates, along with geometric shapes, bicycles, or jungle.

In this instance, you can also ask them what they would like to see in their rooms.

5. Wallpaper with didactic designs

Educational wallpaper designs are a great idea when decorating a child's bedroom.
Educational wallpaper designs are a great idea when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom.

Children’s wallpaper with didactic designs such as countries, numbers, or the alphabet are trending in 2023. This particularly applies in the bedrooms of the little ones where it can reinforce their learning process.

Make sure that the designs are friendly with bright colors and, above all, that they’re fun. Ultimately, you don’t want your child to become saturated or overloaded with information. This is a place where they should experience quality time and enjoy rest.

6. Murals continue to be a trend

Murals are still a trend that you should consider and one that you can apply in an economical way if you use wallpaper. Canvas or handpainted murals can work out quite expensive.

Some of the murals that never go out of style are dinosaurs, jungle animals, outer space, and those related to animated movies, depending on the age of your child. Keep in mind that in this case, you can also include the watercolor technique, achieving a more subdued and artistic finish.

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