Fashionable Jungle Mural: Your Children Will Love it!

Discover the jungle mural! It's on-trend for children's bedrooms and there are so many different ideas to inspire you. We'll tell you what they are.
Fashionable Jungle Mural: Your Children Will Love it!

Last update: 16 February, 2022

The jungle theme is a craze that’s taken over children’s bedrooms around the world. We’re in no doubt that your children will love a jungle mural in their bedroom too. In fact, this trend is so beautiful that you’ll probably fall in love with it and want an adult version for yourself!

In this article, we’re going to tell you more about it and give you some ideas. Keep reading!

The jungle mural is on-trend

Regardless of the technique–freehand painting, wallpaper, or stencil painting–the jungle mural is in fashion. Equally, botanical and jungle motifs are extremely popular too. It’s all about bringing nature–the greenery, trees, and animals into your home through unique and striking design.

Being something that’s overloaded with elements, when it comes to creating your mural, it’s better to choose a single wall to star in the design that you’ve chosen. Its main use is in children’s bedrooms, but with the right touch, it will also work beautifully in other rooms and social spaces.

Jungle mural ideas for your children

wild animals

Assembling the jungle mural for your children’s room is entertaining and pleasant. The ideas are as endless as the animals who live in the jungle, which may include giraffes, panthers, tigers, lions, hippos, bears, elephants, and even dinosaurs.

When it comes to flora, you also have infinite options: from lianas to shrubs, trees, palms, and mosses.

Jungle illustrations with animals

Minimalism can also be colorful and warm. If you don’t have a big budget, you can simply use wallpaper with illustrated wild animal motifs. This material can be self-adhesive, it’s inexpensive and very easy to install.

In fact, if you like to differentiate your children’s bedrooms in terms of colors, you may even find the same motif in different shades. By doing this, there’ll be no room for sibling rivalry and disputes!

Realistic watercolors

Another option for a beautiful jungle mural for older children is using realistic watercolors. You may find some wallpaper that meets this specification, but if you have the option, paint a mural using this technique.

There are artists who can capture the essence of the jungle in all its splendor. Equally, these talented experts can also work with your children to obtain a unique design to their liking.

Misty forest to encourage serenity

jungle mural for serenity

In real life, there are jungles and forests of different types. Rainforests offer us beautiful landscapes with calmer colors including different shades of green, gray, and blue in their lighter tones.

These options are ideal for a baby’s bedroom and can be complemented with cartoon characters, as long as they’re in the same theme.

Reinforce family values through jungle murals

Animals have much to teach human beings. For this reason, through your jungle mural you can reinforce the value of family in your children. This, through paintings of wild animal herds such as tigers, elephants, or giraffes that live happily with one another.

Get inspiration from movies

Movies are a great source of inspiration for children’s jungle murals. Among them, we have The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Mowgly’s Story, and In Search of the Enchanted Valley.

Choose your children’s favorite and paint it on their wall. Imagine how happy they’ll be falling asleep looking at this mural and dreaming of the adventures that these images will portray!

A jungle mural for different scenarios

mural jungle for your children

The jungle has different interpretations and realities for each person. There are wild animals that live in forests, in jungles, on beaches, in deserts and even in arctic areas. Regardless of the design that you’ve chosen, ask your children which of these scenarios they most identify with and implement it in their bedroom.

Without a doubt, your children will love it and enjoy spending time in their room.

Which jungle mural idea did you like the most?

We’ve shared several ideas to make a jungle mural become a reality for your children. Choose the one that best suits their personal tastes and make it happen.

What’s more, don’t tell them what your intention is and after thoroughly investigating their ideas, you could surprise them. Their happy little faces will speak for themselves!