Checkered Floors - Order and Consistency

Checkered floors are becoming more common in residential homes, especially in areas such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the patio.
Checkered Floors - Order and Consistency

Last update: 07 February, 2020

Are you looking for a flooring material that will be unique and aesthetically dynamic? Here’s something really interesting – checkered floors.

Almost all tiled floors, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, have a makeup that’s the same as a checkerboard. The only difference is in the colors that make up the surface of the tiles since these usually have the same tone throughout the whole surface.

What would happen if you were to alternate two different shades of tiles? This is how you get the effect of the checkered floor. This doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly black and white, of course. It can also be used with good effect in red, blue, green, etc.

Below, let’s see what a floor of this kind will add to the decor of different rooms of the house.

Choose the perfect room for checkered floors

Black and white tiles can create a real feature

The first thing you should understand is that not every room in the house will be suitable for this type of floor. While you might want tiles in the bedroom or the living room, a checkered floor in these areas can tend to be a little too overwhelming for the decor.

It would be preferable to use it in other areas of the house, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Why is this? Mainly, it’s because there, an effect like this won’t overwhelm the eyes or stand out too much, as in the case with the living room.

Taking the focus away from either decorative items or feature items of furniture isn’t the idea at all. That’s why checkered floors must be in places that tend to be functional rather than decorative.

Checkered tiles can add dynamism to a functional room and give a different appearance to the norm.

Checkered floors are a trend that is gaining popularity in new homes.

What can checkered floors add to the kitchen?

A kitchen with a unique theme

A floor with character such as this can add a real statement to a home’s decor. The kitchen, for instance, would become a special feature of the house if the decor includes visual appeal and character.

What if you gave it that special touch by including a checkered floor in the kitchen? Well, it would give the kitchen a different feel from the rest of the house, and provide an unparalleled lift to the decor. Here are some additional characteristics:

  • Color – it’s all about giving the decor an innovative touch using the two tones that alternate, which give the checkered look. In this way, you can produce a simple and basic yet decorative theme.
  • Dynamism – in reality, here you can produce a dynamic optical effect. That is, the alternating of the colors causes a certain depth and animated quality. The pattern of the squares is ordered and coherent.
  • Combination – it can go perfectly with the rest of the kitchen furnishings. Of course, you shouldn’t use too many different bright colors; the rest of the kitchen should complement the floor. That’s why the color you choose for the walls will also play a key role.

Checkered floors have much to offer in home decor.

And in the bathroom?

Checkered floors can lift the bathroom decor to new heights

Aesthetically, a checkered floor is a concept that can contribute to the decor and even to the color scheme of a room. There are multiple formulas and color combinations that you have at your disposal.

However, it’s not necessary to resort to using heaps of different colors. It would be preferable just using two tones. Here are a few suggestions:

  • You could lay the tiles on the floor or the walls, or even create a union between the two surfaces. The dynamism this will generate will be a great addition to the ambiance. Also, bathroom decor generally links well with tiles.
  • Blue is a color that traditionally goes well with bathrooms, but of course, you can always include other colors that aren’t as commonplace in bathroom decor. One option is to choose blue and white for the checkered pattern, which will produce a harmonious effect on the decor.
  • Another possibility is using cement tiles, also known as hydraulic tiles. These would be a unique alternative, as the tiles have innovative designs. You could create a very distinguished, subtle decor.

Spanish themed patios

Decorate outside areas with colorful tiles on the floor and walls

The last option we’re featuring is to create a checkered floor outside in the patio area. Why not design a Spanish themed patio with tiles? Traditionally these are both set in the floor and also go up the walls to about a yard in height.

This colorful option would be without a doubt an excellent choice for outdoor decor. You could create a vibrant area with tiles that will go perfectly with plants and outdoor furniture.

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