Celebrity Homes on Instagram

Ready to see some celebrity decor styles, enjoy some tips, inspiration and apply them to your home? Keep reading and we'll discover them together! 
Celebrity Homes on Instagram

Last update: 27 January, 2022

In recent times, many celebrities, such as Sara Carbonero or Ellen DeGeneres, have decided to show off their lifestyles and give insight into their daily lives. By sharing their celebrity homes on Instagram, we can get inspired and recreate their look in our own homes.

We’ve decided to investigate this a little more and have taken this opportunity to see what their homes are really like! Ready to see some celebrity decor styles, enjoy some tips, inspiration and apply them to your home? Keep reading and we’ll discover them together!

Celebrity homes on Instagram

Social networks have become a way to connect people throughout the world. Even celebrities enjoy showing off their lifestyles and sharing their daily lives and routines with us on platforms such as Instagram.

As a result, in recent years, we’ve been able to get up close and personal with the celebrities we admire and take a sneak peek into their intimate lives from a distance. If you want an insight into celebrity decor, we’ve listed the decor details that we think you’ll want to know about!

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas

celebrities stay at home
Image: instagram.com/p/B-IAzfljeJE/

This journalist and her former soccer player partner have been living in the Portuguese city of Porto for a few years now. Sara frequently shares her thoughts and her life in pictures on social media. Living near the ocean, their home transmits peace and a style that can be clearly seen in each room. Neutral colors are combined with warm tones and the simplicity of their furniture doesn’t fight for attention with style and sophistication. In short, it’s a calm house, just like the philosophy that she preaches.

We especially love their dining room! They have a wooden table (reclaimed wood) and their upholstered chairs are full of character. Equally, their large ceiling lamp and wooden sideboard complement the room perfectly.

Celebrity homes: Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos

celebrities stay at home
Image: instagram.com/p/B92WZrcIQPw

The soccer player and his TV presenter wife have a large house in Madrid. It’s in a modern style and has more than enough space for their four children. The images they post on Instagram show us that they have a gym and a large children’s play area for their growing family.

Within all of the celebrity kitchens on Instagram that we’ve seen, we’ve completely fallen in love with theirs! It’s an open kitchen with an island that’s perfect for spending lazy afternoons cooking with the kids.

As we can see from the images, they love marble and glass details. This is interspersed with large items of furniture and extra-large decorative elements in striking colors. All of these combine to create a beautiful contrast with their black floor. We’ll be watching this space to see if they keep the same style in their new home that’s being built in La Moraleja.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

famous houses
Image: instagram.com/p/B-srnfBDMNG/

Ellen DeGeneres, the famous host of The Ellen Show, has a spectacular mansion with a very subtle design. It’s minimalist, modern, and at the same time very warm and welcoming.

Her home is located in Los Angeles and is anyone’s dream. Inside, we can appreciate large furniture with curved lines and windows that let plenty of natural light in. Equally, her garden is quite incredible and is home to a number of different plants.

The predominant colors in her home are gray, earth tones, and warm details in the fabrics. As for materials, we can find stone mixed with wood, alongside decorative elements made of both metal and natural fibers.

As you can see, celebrities give us endless decor ideas that we can implement in our own homes. With a little ingenuity and without a large financial outlay, we can copy some details and give our homes their own celebrity status.

Main image: instagram.com/p/B-ko8UYDVjh/

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