Show Your House off Through Social Networks: A New Trend

Private spaces cease to be private as soon as we expose them to an audience that, in this case, is behind a screen. Social networks connect with everyone quickly and instantly.
Show Your House off Through Social Networks: A New Trend

Last update: 20 October, 2021

At present, a process of communication and close contact between people has been reached through the internet. It’s even promoting how to show your house off through social networks.

It seems that we don’t mind posting online about everything we have and even bragging about it. We do this by either showing opulence or because we’re proud of our homes. At heart, it’s a new way to learn about interior design and gain a greater knowledge of the latest trends.

Obviously, this trend is occurring to a greater extent among younger and middle-aged people, those who have a good grasp of technologies. In fact, more and more interactive platforms are trying to introduce us to this world.

Showing your house off: a way to expose your private life

Show our house through social networks, a new fashion

Our homes are our refuge, a private space that protects and serves us. We usually decorate our homes to suit our personal tastes and present them in the best possible way. The objective is that we feel truly comfortable.

Some famous people show off their homes, both outside and inside. They usually do it through personal videos in which they appear doing an activity and, incidentally, the interior of their living rooms, bedrooms, or gardens remain in the background.

This has served as a source of inspiration for many people when it comes to showing off their houses. If we try to reason this matter, it’s a way of achieving a single purpose: to offer an ideal image and, an exhibition of our privacy.

Our homes and social networks

Social networks are the means of disseminating information that, generally, tends to have personal content: trips out, vacations, celebrations, meals, friendships and, above all, our homes. In this sense, decor plays an important role as it’s a subtle way of showing off.

  • If we carry out a refurb or have bought a new home, we can upload photos or videos to share our news, our pride, and our good taste.
  • In the same way, a similar approach is usually applied when we obtain new furniture or a new appliance, particularly something that’s avant-garde and modern. The purpose is to create the idea that we’re surrounded by the latest trends.
  • The objective of all this is, basically, to reach more people and obtain satisfaction and appreciation from an audience that, in most cases, we know. More often than not, the audience is made up of friends and family with whom we’re in virtual contact.
  • Decor has become the fundamental resource to publicly open up our private lives–something that’s becoming more and more viral.

Social networks and contact

Show our house through social networks, a new fashion

The current trend is that social networks are the best way to stay in touch with the world. A photograph can reach the entire world in a matter of seconds. Because of this, they’re very attractive platforms.

If we want to show off our homes, (in a direct or indirect way), we can achieve it simply by making a recording on our cell phones. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are the main avenues. For this reason, new words such as instagrammable” have emerged.

However, there’s also an added bonus: the display of fresh and contemporary designs. In other words, a more comfortable way to extract ideas and inspire ourselves.

Show your house off and spread new ideas

As we pointed out before, showing off your home is a way to obtain new ideas, feedback and to get to know certain people more closely. Actually, it’s also a way of humanizing famous people. In this way, by viewing this material, we get to know a little more about each famous person. By sharing our own homes, we may even become influencers ourselves!

However, is this favorable on a social level? Everything will depend on the perspective that we apply to it, you have to know the pros and cons.


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