Candle Holders: 6 Different Ways to Use Them

Candle holders are accessories that you can find in any home. Their candles provide settings with warmth and harmony, which entices us to give old candle holders a second life.
Candle Holders: 6 Different Ways to Use Them

Last update: 15 January, 2019

A candle holder goes hand-in-hand with the candle itself, so it also helps set the mood that you want to create in your home. There are candle holders made with all kinds of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes: glass, ceramic, cement and clay are just some options.

These days, we even see candles that sit inside glass jugs, or even in lidded jars. This candle in glass jar trend is a really convenient idea because you can still reuse it even after the candle’s all burned out.

Reuse your glass candle holders

Once the candle that you had in your glass jar is finished, remove the leftover wax and wash the container. If you want, you can decorate the jar with paint, tape, or with whatever you like. However, if you want to keep it as it is, just use it as a new container.

You can use your glass jar in the kitchen to hold spices. A beautiful idea is giving it a layer of chalk paint and writing the spice name right on the jar. You could also put in a new candle, reusing it for its original purpose. Or, you can simply just make a beautiful flower vase to adorn your room.

Recycle your old candle holders

More likely than not, you’ll have some old candle holders laying around at home. If you’re sick of seeing them, or just don’t want them anymore, you can make them into a beautiful side-table lamp. Try fitting a lampshade on them and restore or paint them. After, they’ll be ready to fill your dinners with a romantic air. It’s a lovely alternative to just throwing them out while conserving a romantic style and creating something new out of an object that you already had.

If you have a medium-sized candle holder you can also opt to refashion them into smaller ones or lovely pots. Ceramic or cement containers are perfect for these kinds of projects.

Candle holder 1

Candle holders from the objects that you already have

In addition to reusing the candle holders that you already have at home, you can also create your own candle holders by using other everyday materials.

Use a wine glass to make a candle holder

If you have a wine glass that you don’t need in your dining collection, it’s a great chance to make a beautiful candle holder. Flip it over and attach a small plate as a base. And you’re done! Now, you can put a small candle on the plate. This candle holder will look delicately beautiful, ideal for when you invite guests over for dinner.

Use mugs or cups to make a candle holder

You can also use this original idea with old mugs or cups that you don’t want to throw out. Keep in mind: to use these items for a candle holder, you’ll need a bigger candle.

Use tin cans to make a candle holder

Tin cans are very common objects in any home. If you want to make your candle holder from a can of tuna, for example, just use a small candle and decorate the can however you’d like. A really popular material for these kinds of projects is washi tape. There are all kinds of colorful designs that’ll give your new candle holder plenty of originality.

Or, if you want to use a bigger tin can, make a candle holder by punching small holes into its sides. Paint and decorate it; use your imagination. If you want to hang it, you can line the top part of the can with a strong piece of wire or string. If you hang it though, be careful and keep an eye on it! Don’t forget to light the candle inside.

As you can see, with small, simple steps, you can give your old objects that you already had at home a new life. Or, you can restore those objects that have been just collecting dust. Candles are light sources that, today, don’t just light up our settings with a warm light; they also decorate and embellish our spaces.

However, always remember that you’d dealing with fire. These objects might be beautiful, but you should always take precaution and blow out your candles when not in use. And, when you’re not using a candle holder anymore, remember these 6 additional uses for your candle holders to decorate your rooms and create beautiful moments.