Amazing Leather Upholstery by Angel Cerda

Angel Cerda designs are simple yet elegant. Here are some examples of their incredible work.
Amazing Leather Upholstery by Angel Cerda

Last update: 16 August, 2019

If you’re not familiar with Angel Cerda’s leather upholstery, you have to read our post. Already four generations-deep in furniture expertise, Angel Cerda proudly boasts 125 years in the business.

Hailing from Spain, this Valencia-based company has an extensive international sales network: they have clients, agents, and business in more than 20 different countries. Take a look at their website and you’ll notice that the content is available in five different languages.

As for their work and services, Angel Cerda creates, distributes and commercializes furniture, wood, decor accessories, and raw materials. And they always do everything with their clients in mind.

In our post today, we want to show you some examples of their furniture pieces upholstered in leather. They won’t disappoint. Let’s go from collection to collection so we can understand the context of each upholstered piece.

-Neutral tones generally take center stage in upholstery. They add a sophisticated air-

Leather upholstery in the Urban Deco collection

There’s no question about it; the Urban Deco collection is for bold vanguard homes. The furniture pieces reflect a modern Italian decor style where materials like glass and steel really shine.

Keeping vanguard and modern in mind, in the Urban Deco collection you’ll see pieces like a steel corner table with a tempered glass tabletop, a steel shelf with wooden shelves and a chaise longue upholstered in leather with walnut legs.

angel cerda leather upholstery urban deco

The best part is that you can choose the type of finish you want your couch to have, such as lacquer, textile, wood or faux leather. As you can see on their website, they offer a wide variety of colors.

The collection also offers an extendable dining table that’s made with tempered gray-tinted glass. It also offers a chair with chrome steel legs and a seat upholstered in fabric.

Urban Deco also offers another set that features an upholstered shoe bench with stainless steel legs. It sits at the end of a bed, which is also upholstered.

The Nature Life collection

While Nature Life still features vanguard designs, it also has a minimalist and natural feel. In this collection, you’ll notice light colors and noble woods taking center stage.

In the first showroom example, you’ll see an upholstered chair that has walnut legs. The room also features a walnut shelving unit that features a stainless steel frame.

And you’ll also notice a swivel chair with leather upholstery and buffed steel next to a coffee table. The coffee table is made of oak and has stainless steel legs.

These examples clearly demonstrate how to pair gray with brown in home decor. Angel Cerda designs also analyze how to use each material in a setting successfully: woods and upholstery have to match perfectly in order to create comfortable, functional and beautiful spaces.

The Dreams collection

If you want to decorate a modern bedroom, this furniture collection is for you because it was designed to help clients rest peacefully.

So, which upholstery pieces are the most notable in this collection? Hands down, they’re the headboards. In one of the showrooms, you can see an oak bed with an upholstered headboard; it looks incredibly comfortable and snug.

The Dreams collection also features a desk that you can use as a work desk or a vanity table. The walnut dresser is a piece that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention. Next to it, you’ll find another element upholstered in leather: a walnut stool. The stool is available in both dark and light gray.

angel cerda upholstery stool

The Sofa Trend collection

To wrap up our list, we also wanted to mention the couches available in this collection: they’re comfortable, functional and one-of-a-kind. But what makes them so special? You can choose the model and finish you want for your couch to best suit your needs and decor style.

To pull together the most comfortable living room possible, try pairing your couch with chairs upholstered in fabric, which are also available in the Sofa Trend collection. True to their original style, the chairs mainly feature neutral tones.

Remember that you can find more detailed information regarding their products on their website, where you can also see all the available finishes they offer. Their website will also help you set a budget for your favorite pieces. With these beautiful pieces upholstered in leather by masterful hands, you can create modern, vanguard spaces.

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