Mackintosh Vanguard Furniture

Furniture pieces from artist and designer Charles Mackintosh can bring an innovative and vanguard air into your home.
Mackintosh Vanguard Furniture

Last update: 04 February, 2019

Mackintosh vanguard furniture pieces are a wonderful option for your home decor. This Glasgow-born artist is a big name in the modern art world.

Looking at the wide range of furniture designed by Mackintosh, the peculiar aesthetics of his designs stand out. Ultimately, they give homes a vanguard air thanks to their innovation and fineness.

However, we want to warn you that getting your hands on these pieces isn’t easy. In any case, your best chance of finding them is online. There are several websites that feature his works.

Mackintosh vanguard furniture

In his furniture designs, Mackintosh’s main objectives aimed towards reviving the neo-Gothic style, giving it a new spin while working on designs with fineness and refinement.

The idea centered on eliminating the medieval idea while at the same time, finding inspiration from it in order to alter it with vanguard and contemporary ideas. The path lead to a style different to the one that was already forming in the 19th century.

So, what did it look like? You could say that to some extent, Mackintosh altered some parts of his furniture pieces to give them a new meaning while maintaining their functionality and building the new official conception of his style.

— Vanguards were the artistic current that break through decorative correctness  —   

Hill House 1 chair

Mackintosh 1

Mackintosh designed this chair in 1902. It has a shape that’s quite different from the average chair, reaching impressive heights of design. Its main characteristics are:

  • Japan-inspired while following a modern design principle without losing characteristic features; it’s a classic design. This chair might even remind of medieval thrones.
  • Created with ash tree wood and black paint. It features a colorful cushioned seat for comfort.
  • The height of the back of the chair reaches 1.41 m. while the seat is 45 cm. wide, indicating that the chair doesn’t have the same proportions that traditional chairs have. It breaks free from the classic format.
  • In addition, the back of the chair is made with horizontal bars and a special framework in the top area to create dynamism and eliminate monotony.

 — Vanguards open people’s minds. —

Willow chair

Mackintosh 2

Just like Hill House 1, Willow comes from Japanese, medieval and modern inspiration. These traits make it a vanguard piece that pushes past the average seating on the market.

  • Created with ash tree wood and black paint. It features a cushioned, velvet seat in colors like green or beige.
  • The back isn’t too tall, fitting well with a user’s own back. However, it creates a wrapping sensation, making users feel safely held in the inner semicircle.
  • The chair is wide enough to lounge comfortably.
  • The design is completely innovative and original, including a framework of squares and vertical lines.

CRM004 dining table

Mackintosh 3

This dining table is quite original thanks to the contrasting designs of its tabletop and legs. The two work together to create a truly unique piece, designed to bring onlookers in awe.

  • A 3-part round, wide tabletop that can be reduced in size.
  • This table is made with ash tree wood and black paint.
  • The structure of the table’s legs is innovative, reflecting lightness, simplicity, and versatility.
  • It’s practical without exaggerating physical features; instead, it uses simple lines.
  • CRM004 can work wonderfully in any vanguard or minimalist setting.

Where can you find these products?

As we mentioned earlier, finding these pieces on the market is no easy task. So, stop running from store to store and try the internet. Here you’ll find a number of stores that sell Mackintosh vanguard furniture.

Some online stores that we recommend are Loftchair, Naharro, and Steeldomus. These 3 companies offer good, original and high-quality products.

Give your home a novel, original feel with Machintosh’s beautiful designs.

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