Alternative Uses of Wallpaper

By discovering alternative uses of wallpaper, you can give different decorative elements a new lease of life. Find out how to use this resource!
Alternative Uses of Wallpaper

Last update: 29 March, 2022

Although wallpaper is traditionally used on walls, there are some alternative uses that everyone should know about. The designs, figures, and materials with which wallpaper is manufactured can be used in many other elements and today, we’re going to tell you how!

Oftentimes we all have furniture and decorative elements at home that we appreciate, but whose appearance is no longer so pleasant. The solution isn’t to throw them away! You can give them new meaning by renewing them with wallpaper.

Alternative uses of wallpaper: why reuse?

Original drawer handles

Before telling you about the alternative uses of wallpaper, let’s talk a little about the importance of reusing and recycling. Currently, our planet is at a critical point for many reasons, among which are the inappropriate and indiscriminate use of resources.

Therefore, reusing and recycling will prevent us from adding to the production of garbage and waste. Extending the first useful life of an object reduces our use of energy resulting in a financial transformation. We can achieve this through recycling and avoid our belongings ending up prematurely in a landfill.

Precisely, by knowing the alternative uses of wallpaper, you’ll be able to reuse some decorative elements. This is another way to help save the planet. Are you ready to get started?

Alternative uses of wallpaper

With full knowledge of the importance of reusing and recycling and wanting to take advantage of the beautiful and innovative designs that wallpaper has, we’re going to tell you about the alternative uses for wallpaper. Take note and encourage yourself to replicate these ideas at home!

To decorate pictures and paintings

One of the alternative uses of wallpaper has to do with the decoration of your pictures and paintings. If you have some old picture or mirror frames, take a board and line it with the wallpaper of your choice.

There are abstract designs, images of nature, or very beautiful watercolors with which you can make your own collection to decorate your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. In fact, there’s even cartoon wallpaper to create pictures with and hang in children’s rooms.

If necessary, repair or paint the frames to fit the design you’ve chosen. Have you ever thought of using wallpaper this way?

Floating shelves

Floating shelves with wallpaper.

Another option we have for you has to do with the use of wallpaper to take closed floating shelves to another level. These decorative elements look like a box through which you can see the wall. What if this time you added a design?

To do this, you’ll only need to cover a piece of wood or resistant cardboard (the same size as the floating shelf) in wallpaper. Then simply glue it to the shelf.

Keep in mind that the design you’ve chosen must contrast with the item that you’re displaying on the shelf. Also, make sure it matches the color of the frame.

Renovate old furniture

Another alternative use of wallpaper has to do with renovating old furniture. Which furniture can you renovate with wallpaper? Any piece that you want to! This includes tables, nightstands, doors, headboards and cabinets. Everything will depend on your imagination and what you want to achieve. Below, we’ve given you some ideas that’ll inspire you to make your own designs:

  • Doors: use wallpaper to enhance interior details and frames, or to make shapes on plain doors.
  • Nightstands: choose a wallpaper to your liking to line the drawers.
  • Headboards: makeover your old headboard with wallpaper and use it to make it like new.
  • Display cabinets or showcases: sand any rust or blemishes, apply an anticorrosive or primer, and paper on the wallpaper of your choice. It’ll be like having a new showcase.

What other alternative uses for wallpaper can you think of?

As well as the alternative uses of wallpaper that we’ve mentioned, there are many others. You can decorate large, medium and small objects, smooth and with shapes. The only thing you need to find out is how you can use it in your home. Give your home a subjective overview because you’ll certainly be able to find several more items that you can renew using this method.

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