Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Automatic vacuum cleaners are a brilliant technological resource for the modern home. Learn about their advantages, disadvantages, and the possibilities they offer.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Last update: 23 December, 2021

We all like to have a clean home! Cleaning is a fundamental principle that’s essential in our busy daily lives, hence we often turn to technology to do the work for us. Today, we’re going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of automatic vacuum cleaners.

Normally, we take care of our own homes and although we make a huge effort, this can take up a lot of our time. Therefore, we may be limited to what we can achieve and need to find alternatives to solve the problem for us.

Manual vacuum cleaners require dedication and our presence. Subsequently, we can make sure that dust and dirt are eliminated, but if we can’t attend to this need on a weekly basis, it’s helpful to know the characteristics of those devices that work independently.

What are automatic vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaner

To carry out deep cleaning, we can make use of automatic vacuum cleaners. They work alone, so we don’t need to be vigilant or monitor the device to check if it performs its task well.

We simply have to turn on the machine and, from there, we can disengage from the task at hand. The automatic vacuum cleaner moves from one place to another, sucking up everything in its path and without generating any annoyance. Moreover, they’re usually silent.

They have a circular or cylindrical shape, with brushes at the bottom to agitate dirt. Sensors capture the walls and corners, in such a way that they’re in constant motion. This appliance never stops working as it covers the entire home.

Main advantages

We must make clear that today’s technology makes life easier for us and favors the well-being of our families. If we assess some of the advantages of automatic vacuum cleaners, the following aspects are noteworthy:

  1. They work independently. At no point do we need to observe their performance. This gives us peace of mind and security, knowing that we’re saving time and avoiding stress by doing the vacuuming ourselves.
  2. The results are usually satisfactory. This doesn’t mean that floors are as clean as if we vacuumed them ourselves. The sanitizing process may require more effort than expected.
  3. They have a great memory! They can remember the areas they’ve passed through and those that they haven’t. In addition, they can memorize several maps and make a 360-degree recognition. Thus, they acquire a level of intelligence.
  4. The suction capacity is quite powerful, reaching around 8,000Pa. This means that they can capture more than just dust specks. They can hoover up heavier debris and even spilled liquids.
  5. Some models even have the ability to mop the floor. Once they’ve vacuumed, they pass over the floor with special brushes and a little water.

What are the disadvantages of automatic vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum the floor

Now we’ve analyzed the advantages, it’s time to consider the disadvantages. There’s no doubt that it’s a functional and practical device for everyday use, but it entails a certain amount of wasted energy since it must be charged using electricity.

As a general rule, it moves around without causing any problems. Even if it collides with furniture, it knows how to return or move to another area. However, there’s the possibility that it can get boxed in and remain stuck for quite some time.

Generally, they also clean rugs, but low-end automatic vacuum cleaners may consider it to be an obstacle and go around it.

Is it worth buying one?

We’ve weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of these vacuums to help you make the right choice. However, on balance, we consider that they provide us with more advantages than disadvantages.

In short, a good product leaves our homes in the best condition and helps us to feel calmer, while saving time. The goal is for us to go about our daily lives without having any additional worries.

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