Adam's Rib: Characteristics and Care

Find out how to care for your Adam's Rib. This is a tropical plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.
Adam's Rib: Characteristics and Care

Last update: 28 March, 2023

Adam’s Rib or Monstera Deliciosa is a large tropical plant that’s right on trend. Not only because of its obvious beauty but because it’s straightforward to care for, even for a gardening novice.

On this note, we’re going to tell you everything about its characteristics and care. Moreover, we’ll give you some useful recommendations which are ideal if you’re thinking about having one in your home. The major plus point is that you can grow it indoors or outdoors. You decide!

Characteristics of Adam’s Rib

Adam’s rib belongs to the Araceae family and is both an indoor and outdoor plant which is a great advantage. It’s a popular plant in many homes for various reasons, one of which is that it helps to purify the air. Its leaves are green and have a series of natural holes, giving it a rib-like shape, which is where its name comes from.

Although we always see it upright, it’s a climbing plant that needs support to help it stay this way. Its roots are thick, strong, and active, and they quickly spread deep into cracks, pots, and walls. This is because they’re nourished by the humidity of the environment and they grow towards the earth.

Originally from the tropical forests in Mexico, Adam’s rib has historically been used by indigenous communities to make baskets and handicrafts. However, while it grows and develops with your care, its greatest beauty is its ability to decorate homes and adorn modern interiors.

Adam's rib care is very basic, suitable for gardening beginners.
Adam’s rib requires basic care, making it suitable for amateur gardeners.

Adam’s rib: Care

Being a tropical plant, Adam’s rib needs specific but simple, care. Next, we’re going to explain more about its needs.

As we already mentioned, Adam’s rib can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, you do have to choose a suitable area within the space in which you want to place it.

  • Indoors: if you’re going to keep your plant indoors, then you’ll have to place it somewhere where it receives natural light, but not in direct sunlight. Also, you’ll need to keep it away from heating or air conditioning. Keep in mind that this plant can grow well indoors, but it rarely flourishes under these conditions.
  • Outdoors: choose a space that’s shaded by day, and apply the same recommendation of not putting it somewhere where it receives direct sun. Protect it from low temperatures and frost, especially snowfall. With the ideal care, your plant can flourish and will even bear fruit!

2. Moderate watering

Adam’s rib enjoys and needs moisture to grow properly. Remember, its roots are nourished by the humidity of the environment, it’s through this process that they clean and purify the air.

Now, you should water your plant moderately, but what does this mean? It’s very simple! That you give the plant enough water without flooding it. Water it only when you notice that the soil is dry.

This trick prevents the roots and leaves from rotting from the inside, you’ll notice that if this happens, the leaves will start to turn brown. If your plant experiences these changes, then stop watering it completely so that the excess water is consumed. Then, continue watering it as we’ve explained.

3. Cleaning its leaves

The leaves of the Monstera Deliciosa are large, so you should clean the leaves as a part of its care. Not only to keep them shiny but so they can “breathe” properly.

From time to time, and only when the soil is dry, you can give it a shower in the bathtub or put it outdoors on a rainy day. In fact, you should know that if you keep this plant indoors, a humidifier will help to keep the environment at the right humidity.

It is a good idea to water the plant in the rain, from time to time.
It’s a good idea to occasionally put the plant in the rain.

4. Fertilizer

This is important for Adam’s rib because its roots grow thick and fast. As such, you should maintain the quality of the soil, in terms of nutrients and minerals. You should do this during the spring, and maintain it every month.

Winter is the best time to let the plant rest. The appropriate fertilizer for this type of plant is a special one, specifically for green plants. This usually provides potassium and iron.

5. Pruning

Pruning Adam’s rib helps to maintain the shape you want to give it and is also a way of taking cuttings and reproducing the plant. The proper way to do this is by identifying a mature and well-developed leaf. Then, cut where it joins the main stem, making sure that it already has an aerial root. This will be the one you should sow.

You’re now ready to grow your own Adam’s rib!

As you’ve learned, Adam’s rib is easy to care for, alongside being beautiful and almost grateful. Now you know exactly what to provide it with, regardless of whether you grow it inside or out. Just remember, if you have pets or young children, then you should keep your Monstera Deliciosa out of reach, as it’s considered toxic.

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