A Home With a Lovely View is Good For Your Mental Health

Everyone would like to look out their window and see a beautiful landscape. Perhaps, it's important to value the idea of finding a house with a good view.
A Home With a Lovely View is Good For Your Mental Health

Last update: 13 November, 2020

Personal well-being is achieved in different ways. Decoration, colors, comfort, and organization play a very important role. However, you should also consider that a home with a lovely view can be beneficial to your mental health.

Waking up every morning, looking out the window and seeing a pleasant landscape is a very precious thing. This is usually associated with homes located in the countryside. However, it’s also possible to have a great view in the city.

One factor to consider before buying a home is its location. Its orientation and layout will influence the hours of light, the air you breathe and, of course, the view through the windows.

Life out in the open

A seating area on a balcony.

The location affects the urban fabric. This means that, generally, builders adapt to empty land to put up houses or buildings. This can cause negatives.

For example, big cities have narrow, compressed streets that sometimes create a feeling of overcrowding. For this reason, you may think the views and the light won’t be good, since you will usually have a building right in front of your window.

You might want to consider looking for areas that are more spacious, where the air circulates and there’s not so much proximity between the buildings. In the countryside, you have this benefit, especially if you have a view of snowy mountains or the sea.

Looking out the window and seeing a wall isn’t satisfying at all.

A home with a lovely view provides well-being

A man enjoying a good view from his balcony.

The views from your home can affect you on an emotional level. There’s no doubt that a view of mountains, the countryside, the sea, or a city skyline every day provides you with a state of well-being. So, let’s look at some positive factors of this:

  1. As mentioned above, buildings tend to face towards areas where there are more hours of sunlight. Although it may not seem so, this is very important, not only to save energy but also for your mind.
  2. Many cities have developments located in elevated areas, which give amazing aerial views. To be able to see the illuminated skyline at night or towering over the whole city is really inspiring.
  3. Don’t forget about houses in the countryside, where, simply by looking out the window, you can see fields. Having this contact with nature fills your home with life and makes the interior more cozy.
  4. You can also have a home with a lovely view in a city. To achieve this, try finding an apartment in front of a park, a riverbank, or a wide tree-lined street that allows air in and, in addition, offers a beautiful view.

A home with an ocean view

An open living room with a view of the ocean.

Everyone would like to open the blinds and see the sea in front of their house. You’ll find it captivating to enjoy these views from the living room or the bedroom.

The immensity of the ocean.generates a state of calmness and tranquility.  Furthermore, if you add a terrace or a porch, you’ll turn this area into a place to disconnect.

According to psychologists, nourishing your mind with pleasant images comforts you and helps calm the spirit. For this reason, many families have a second home on the coast.

A seaside apartment is the best place to escape from reality.

The relationship between your home and mental health

A woman looking out from her balcony.

Your home should be a place to retreat, where you feel you’re away from the stress and tiredness of everyday life. In this way, you should value the idea of having a home with a good view, since it favors mental health.

The feeling of having a pleasant home is synonymous with vitality. In addition, it can be a perfect setting for celebrations and to impress your guests with the view.


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